singer wrote on Mar 16, 2009:

NEW SMILEYS?! (how long was i gone?(tear)
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Yep! (Probably too long :()
Jenny Valentine wrote on Mar 13, 2009:

I like the new smileys and small changes being made on the site (props to you), but why was half of my profile information just deleted? D=
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Because no HTML is allowed anymore...
cakill wrote on Mar 08, 2009:

Hi all I new comers here, I want you with me far come from indonesian want to exchange opinions, ideas and knowledge, including other music,you can more about me at my profile.

see u...
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Very funny profile you have there!
Silhouette wrote on Feb 20, 2009:

Hello everyone, what's going on?
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Hi Silhouette, I can't speak for everyone: but a lot! wrote on Feb 17, 2009:


Now that you mention it... How's about Akon?
arrow Reply by Aiken:
That seems to be a good one.
I will see what I can do! wrote on Feb 17, 2009:

How long has Duffy been the Artist of the week? lol
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Too long! :-)
Any ideas?
Jenny Valentine wrote on Feb 08, 2009:

I added an Utada Hikaru song titled "Come Back To Me" a while ago... The title of the album should be re-named "This Is One."


arrow Reply by Aiken:
Thank you!
lemonface23 wrote on Jan 29, 2009:

thank you for adding the lyrics i requested
arrow Reply by Aiken:
You are very welcome.
Thanks for your message. I hope you enjoy!
singer wrote on Jan 26, 2009:

i did! i did!
arrow Reply by Aiken:
great! great! wrote on Jan 24, 2009:

True... I could go on the net to buy... But the waiting sucks!
arrow Reply by Aiken:
You probably will be fine, won't you?
singer wrote on Jan 23, 2009:

hi everbody! (re: hi dr.nick!) guess what? (re:what?) i'm allergic to both amoxicillin and penicillin! [rock lee is so cute!] no, seriously. pwease visit my prfl! ;)
arrow Reply by Aiken:
I tougt I taw a puddy tat!
turner wrote on Jan 22, 2009:

thanks for adding the shit ton of lyrics i've requested for the last couple years
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Thanks for your lovely message and you are welcome. Thanks for being around! wrote on Jan 22, 2009:

What's up everyone?! Anything new? Does anyone know how hard it is to get a Simon and Milo CD?! I went to like 3 stores and noone carried it! Anyone else ever had this kind of problem? If so message me what album!
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Couldn't it be found on the internetshops like amazon or cduniverse?
samkins wrote on Jan 20, 2009:

hi peeps add me as a friend please. thanx bye. xoxox
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Alrighty then!
singer wrote on Jan 13, 2009:

dus anybody know a little someone by the nickname of "pervy sage"? look up some pics and when u get it, please tell me on my profile. (this is going to be hilareous! well, to me at least...)
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Thank you.
brittanyhosey wrote on Jan 09, 2009:

whats up?..
hows it goin people.. i am sooo bored sittin here at school..
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Most things are good!
Are you bored because it is too easy?
singer wrote on Jan 08, 2009:

arrow Reply by Aiken:
singer wrote on Jan 07, 2009:

how many people ar on this website?! what?! over 100,000?
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Yes, that's right!

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