Vivian wrote on Oct 22, 2003:

geneva switzerland fan of jarre
great site
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Thank you.
Lea wrote on Oct 15, 2003:

This site is really cool! There're not much better ones! But how can you think Nirvana came from UK? They're from the USA!
Have fun!!!
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Thank you for your support!! It indeed is ridiculous that we claim Nirvana to be from the UK. This is probably a mistake. It's corrected now. :)
Edda wrote on Oct 12, 2003:

This site is great. But there's not mutch Rap and HipHop lyrics on that site, and I have been requesting like crazy but it seems like they're not gonna add them.
I hope they do though.

arrow Reply by Wolf:
Thanks for your positive message and feedback. There is a huge request list waiting for us, and it takes time to add them all. Do you know you could add the lyrics yourself? Choose Add lyrics and fill out the form. :)
Flash wrote on Oct 08, 2003:

Slecht hoor. Kan beter.
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Ga toch een eind fietsen man.
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Jealousy is a dangerous thing; don't even bother, Wolfriend.
bell wrote on Oct 06, 2003:

Hey Great sight still needs more of the dance music in there though
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Thanks for signing our guestbook and your support! We will add more lyrics of dance songs soon. Stay tuned :)
Aiken wrote on Sep 29, 2003:

So, what do you think, Wolf?
This looks quite alright, doesn't it?

So ladies and gentlemen: Write everything you want here! As said before: keep it social and polite.
And try to keep it a lil' intelligent...
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Sure does, buddy. I do think there gotta be some changes, but I'll correspond with you about that.

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