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Artist: Taking Back Sunday
1 lyrics to the album Elektra: The Album.
11 lyrics to the album Taking Back Sunday.
2 lyrics to the album Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack.
3 lyrics to the album Louder Now.
1 lyrics to the album Punk Goes Acoustic.
1 lyrics to the album Where You Want To Be.
Nice new lyrics from Taking Back Sunday
7th Aug 2022, 10:52h
Lyrics by Hoobastank added
5th Aug 2022, 13:10h
Sarah Blasko lyrics!
18th Jul 2022, 4:08h
Megadeth lyrics!
16th Jul 2022, 15:28h

Latest Reviews

Magen wrote on
30th Jul 2022, 1:57h:
Art or truth maybe just perfect pain but this song is …… vary pleasing to my eye!
Jeanne Williams
Jeanne Williams wrote on
28th Jul 2022, 23:32h:
I first heard this song loved the song even then. Now IM 49 and truly understand the meaning. I refer to this song for peace to stay calm.
Abencio wrote on
21st Jul 2022, 12:25h:
This lyrics are from "Samain Night" not Santiago.

Santiag - o - don't have lyrics.
Gazi hanif
Gazi hanif wrote on
26th Jun 2022, 18:27h:
Just wow
John chalmers
John chalmers wrote on
24th Jun 2022, 22:36h:
It's a bit over the top, very much of the period (postwar) She gives it everything, and, as usual, carries it off.its much more effective in French. 'Heaven have mercy' has nothing like the allure of 'Misericorde'- Catholic guilt! I've underplayed my
view, that it's a very histrionic but powerful ballad.
Priscilla wrote on
19th Jun 2022, 23:02h:
I love this song from the very first time I heard it.
Emily Sanchez
Emily Sanchez wrote on
15th Jun 2022, 22:54h:
5 put of 5
Herald wrote on
12th Jun 2022, 8:12h:
Betract should be "be trapped."
JAnine wrote on
3rd Jun 2022, 18:39h:
Hilarious! Love this song so much. Only found it a short while ago and now I look for it every now and then. It always cheers me up! . :-D
Srabon wrote on
25th Apr 2022, 7:15h:

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