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Many, many lyrics to albums added and/or updated from Ice Cube:
14 new lyrics to the album: I Am the West.
9 new lyrics to the album: 10 Great Songs.
13 new lyrics to the album: In The Movies.
17 new lyrics to the album: Laugh Now, Cry Later.
9 new lyrics to the album: AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted.
14 new lyrics to the album: .
14 new lyrics to the album: War & Peace Vol.1 (The War Disc).
16 new lyrics to the album: Essentials.
9 new lyrics to the album: Raw Footage.
12 new lyrics to the album: The Predator.
8 new lyrics to the album: Lethal Injection.
4 new lyrics to the album: Featuring...Ice Cube.
15 new lyrics to the album: Death Certificate.
6 new lyrics to the album: Ice Cube's Greatest Hits.
Ice Ice Baby
22nd Jun 2020, 14:55h
13th Jun 2020, 1:26h
Double C - artist lyrics.
11th Jun 2020, 14:14h
Couple of Songs by Clannad
25th May 2020, 6:44h

Latest Reviews

Sandra Mays Stevens
Sandra Mays Stevens wrote on
3rd Jul 2020, 2:40h:
My husband played this for me and I love it I play it over and over
jim wrote on
2nd Jul 2020, 21:48h:
it's Albert Hammond Sr. not Jr . it was 6 years before Jr. was born ;)
Anal bleeder
Anal bleeder wrote on
26th Jun 2020, 4:59h:
Imma beat this Mf
Mary Lewis
Mary Lewis wrote on
12th Jun 2020, 3:21h:
This is the awesome, uplifting song That have touched my heart and soul. And let me really realize He’s done enough. Ms.Crawford , Thank you for aloe I gotta the Holy Spirt To take control, It is written open your mouth and I’ll speak for you.
Ms. Crawford as I read in Ezekiel three, u got to read it all to understand what happened to you . Then in Psalms 81:10 , Tell it all. Your voice is so sweet to my spirt. I Thank You , You’ve done enough fog this minute. Thank God for you.
Raphael wrote on
5th Jun 2020, 19:47h:
I sit alone with aching heart instead of "Alone I sit alone with aching hear"
Abhilasha Abhijeet Thakre
Abhilasha Abhijeet Thakre wrote on
26th May 2020, 6:11h:
I love this song , it is so touches my heart every time I hear it
Roman Parham
Roman Parham wrote on
22nd May 2020, 9:35h:
I smashed Sally!
Ayaoba Tea
Ayaoba Tea wrote on
21st May 2020, 15:52h:
These are lyrics not written out of human knowledgernlooking back at my past ten years there were pains i could still feel up till this morning but listening to the song four hours ago, I know that God still loves me and i wont stop trusting Him. am
Cecelia Perry
Cecelia Perry wrote on
19th May 2020, 19:43h:
This song sincerely blesses my soul & gives me hope for these sad days. The Word Of God is an anchor. My Light House in the midnight and a shelter from the storms of life.
Rose wrote on
15th May 2020, 8:44h:
Love this song

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