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Artist: G. Love & Special Sauce
10 lyrics to the album Yeah, It's That Easy.
12 lyrics to the album The Hustle.
8 lyrics to the album Best of G Love and Special Sauce.
6 lyrics to the album Fixin' To Die.
7 lyrics to the album Lemonade.
8 lyrics to the album Electric Mile.
5 lyrics to the album Philadelphonic.
1 lyrics to the album Coast-to-Coast Motel.
Lyrics by G. Love & Special Sauce added
7th May 2021, 21:06h
Nice new lyrics from The Magnetic Fields
3rd May 2021, 0:57h
Lyrics by Goldfrapp added
28th Apr 2021, 4:27h
Nice new lyrics from Less than Jake
23rd Apr 2021, 15:30h

Latest Reviews

Stu Sayer
Stu Sayer wrote on
22nd Apr 2021, 21:59h:
Absolute quality. Better than the proper lyrics. Miss mark n lard, happy days. Mmmmmmmmmm baby
Aakarsh Anand
Aakarsh Anand wrote on
4th Apr 2021, 8:11h:
this song feels deeply....specially this line
Tum paas ho ke bhi, tum aas ho ke bhiii, ehsaas ho kee bhi, apne nahi...
BarryLundy wrote on
1st Apr 2021, 13:46h:
This song brings me joy eventide I listened to it
Michael barakat
Michael barakat wrote on
17th Mar 2021, 13:10h:
G.AVINASH wrote on
15th Feb 2021, 6:51h:
Perfect lyrics
Riley wrote on
14th Feb 2021, 23:33h:
Zenret wrote on
12th Feb 2021, 15:12h:
cee wrote on
28th Jan 2021, 17:21h:
i love this song .Today we are celebrating 38 years of marriage and I want to sing it to him he was and is the one god kept for me!
Nevaeh wrote on
22nd Jan 2021, 19:28h:
Johnny Caper
Johnny Caper wrote on
21st Jan 2021, 18:57h:
I hate to be that person , but the young girl who sings this songs name is Aselin not Amanda . She did a very nice version of it when they closed DevCo and essentially put the final nail in Cape Breton Coal mining ... was a nice little ceremony done on
the DevCo road . Anywho , you were correct in saying that labelling this hometown ballad a Christina Aguilera song IS outright offensive ... maybe like saying the star spangled banner is a clown song performed by Creed .....

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