I wrote on Feb 28, 2004:

Britney is the best
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Intolerable content removal.
Georgiana wrote on Feb 23, 2004:

I added your site in my "bookmarks" folder. It sure is a great site with a lot of lyrics...You're doing a great job...keep on doin' it!
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Thank you very much. We appreciate your support!
inês wrote on Feb 22, 2004:

I was amazed to find Pedro Abrunhosa's lyrics in this site, but i have to admit that is really disappointing that you think that he is brazilian... he is PORTUGUESE. So it would be good if you could correct that information in your pages...thanks.
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We have corrected your information. Sorry for the false information, it's difficult to get everything correct. Thank you for informing.
i forget wrote on Feb 22, 2004:

is this site like just made? i dono bcuz u dont have any marilyn manson up here and hes the ruler of all time so im thinking you should add some..... or all...
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Yep, you're right there, we're fairly new. Or as Manson would say it: This is the new shit. We will add Marilyn Manson as soon as possible.
Gloria_catalan girl wrote on Feb 20, 2004:

Hi!!! Thank you for all the lyrics you have, I don't know what would I do if it weren't for you. Best wishes from Catalonia (Spain).
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Please don't hurt yourself in case our server is down. ;-)
wednesday smith wrote on Feb 19, 2004:

jay-z is like one of the best rappers out right now and it sad that he's about to give it all up.
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Daff wrote on Feb 18, 2004:

Hi there,

Just wanted to let you know that Kevin Lyttle (Turn Me On) is not from Jamaica, but is from the island of St.Vincent. Also the original rap lyrics was sung by an upcoming star from St.Vincent called Madzart (the words are not Spragga's). I just want to see everyone get their dues.

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I updated the information for Kevin Lyttle. Thank you for your message.
Britt wrote on Feb 18, 2004:

thanx so much for putting the lyrics to mya's my love is like whoa song.
thanx again,
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Thanks for the sweet words.
maja asaa wrote on Feb 17, 2004:

thank you very much for the lyrics for the two Orishas albums. i di´dn´t think it was possible. The site is a fantastic idea!

Best regards
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No problem, and thank you very much. It's our task to fulfil your lyrical wishes.
EM wrote on Feb 16, 2004:


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Opinions can differ.
litt wrote on Feb 15, 2004:

hey, this is a wonderful side. I have found for what I am surching. thx a lot from litt :-))
Oh, you don't know Placebo? I send you some songs and hope you like it.
cya litt
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Thank you. We know of Placebo, we just didn't have the time to add them yet. But it's here now, thanks to my friend Aiken, I suppose. here!
ÍÉÊÏÓ wrote on Feb 13, 2004:

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Unfortunately our server does not support Greek/Hebrew/Whatever you're trying to speak.
Flash wrote on Jan 24, 2004:

Why are almost all lyrics by Brainpower, at least from his frist album, incomplete?
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Hello Flash. I will have a look at the lyrics of his frist album soon. We assumed they were complete when we got them off his official fanclub website, but apparently not. We'll keep you up to date.

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Update: I completed his discography, now with the correct lyrics from his official website.
Johnna Boone wrote on Jan 21, 2004:

I found a couple of mistakes in the Britney Spears lyrics for "Toxic".

"Too high Can’t come down" instead of "tonight cant calm down" and "your toxic, im slipping under" instead of "Your toxic tongue slippin' mine" and finally "Intoxicate me now" instead of "Intoxicated now". Thank you, just thought I'd share!
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Thank you for your support and alertness. We have updated the song lyrics.
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Yes, we really appreciate that!
Marje wrote on Jan 17, 2004:

I`m sorry but the lyrics that i asked were totally wrong.i checked them.The song was Leap of Faith by David Charvet. You should fix it.
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Yes, you're right. I will fix it.
Tony wrote on Jan 16, 2004:

Great site! Visit my Robbie site too!
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Thank you.
Aiken wrote on Dec 29, 2003:

Greetings to all from beautiful Paris!
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Greetings from Holland back, mate.
Ulive wrote on Dec 24, 2003:

Just found what I was lookin' for.
Keep up the good work, I'll be back!
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Thank you.

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