chickenlab wrote on May 26, 2004:

This site kicks ass.
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Thank you very much. We'll keep on doing that.
arrow Reply by Aiken:
What? Kick ass?
jul wrote on May 22, 2004:

thanks for the lyrics of Jeff Buckley "Grace" ! I love this artist. Great site, cool design ;)
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Thanks, Jul. Personally I'm a big fan of Jeff too. Expecially Licac Wine and Hallelujah are brilliant.
ri0 wrote on May 21, 2004:

eYaa!!!!!!!! h0w ya d0inG??;) Mo0ie Sait heY.. Ga sO do0r..mJa.. d0ei!
GreeTz..frOm Me...
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Ey ri0! Met mij alles goed hoor.. met jou? Dank je wel :P Talk to you later.. Cya!
Cohen Technology llc wrote on May 13, 2004:

great site
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Thank you!
Bushra wrote on May 12, 2004:

hiiii........ this a gr8 site i've ever seenn...
can u give me details of a band named "NO MERCY" and "REAL MACOY"
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Thank you very much! At the moment we don't provide biographies or band descriptions, apart from the "Artist of the Week" feature.
Emily wrote on May 06, 2004:

Yo!!!!!Diz website iz d bst i have printed loadz of copies of lyrics. Im alwayz on this website lookin 4 fingz cheerz ya d bst. Dont Go away website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
arrow Reply by Aiken:
We won't, hon! We won't!
kim wrote on May 06, 2004:

Hi, i mentioned a few days ago about the Justin lyrincs for "i'm lovin it" about the "well don't just sit there girl" bit. You changed it for the first time its mentioned, but not for the rest of the times. I'm really really sorry for the pickyness again, but if you want your site to be 100% brilliant instead of 99.999999999% brilliant, then ive got to tell ya really! But its still a grand and groovy site!
From Kim! xkx
P.s, thanks for the rest of the N*E*R*D lyrics, there fab!
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Now it's really 100% brilliant :) I've updated the lyrics from Justin. Thank you again for mentioning and for the blushing words!
Andrea wrote on May 06, 2004:

Hi!! Greetings from Finland. I like your guestbook. I wish you a nice spring - Andrea
arrow Reply by Aiken:
I'm getting the feeling that you want to promote your website... But that's no problem, a very nice spring to you to! Update: I've surfed your website. Please hon, quit the game. All those pyramid-games are only good for those who are at the top. Mathematically it is not possible, I can know. And in The Netherlands those games are illegal...
kim smith wrote on May 05, 2004:

This site is really really really amazingly fantastcally brilliantly brilliant!!! (i ran out of words!! :b!!) Just one tiny weeny thing. On Justin's lyrics for I'm loving it, its supposed to be "well dont just sit there girl" instead of "just sit there girl". It's only a small thing, and i'm just being picky! Just a way to make ur site even better!
keeop it up guys!! its fab!!
p.s, you hv really wierd nicknames!!
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Well, there's a satisfied visitor named Kim :) I've updated the lyrics by Justin. Thank you very much for your feedback: I like 'm picky ;)
arniejane wrote on May 05, 2004:

hi!!!!this sitw is very great!!!!!
i lyk it!!!!!!
all ur lyrics seems correct to me
i always visit this site
can u give me some details about britney spears?
arrow Reply by Aiken:
We're glad you like it. Britney Spears was artist of the week, a couple of weeks ago.
Patricia Mullen wrote on May 04, 2004:

Your site is grea!!
I asked from some lyrics and in only 1 hour i got them!!!
I'll always keep visiting this site!!!
arrow Reply by Aiken:
You're always very welcome here! ***
me! wrote on May 04, 2004:

the site is great!!!^^ I like't! we used it 2 a school project!^^
arrow Reply by Aiken:
A school project about websites or a school project about lyrics?
Lacy wrote on May 01, 2004:

Great site but, u have some mistakes in some of the lyrics for Evanescence and Linkin Park. hollar
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Please, love, add them or send those mistakes to me, so we can face the world and have a 100% correct and updated website. My email still is:
Lacy wrote on Apr 30, 2004:

it's a great site but if u didn't know there are two c.d.s in the new Outkast albumn and u don't have the second albumn in there with it. called The Love Below
arrow Reply by Aiken:
You are absolutely right! We will add this 2nd CD soon. Just for you!
dope hat wrote on Apr 29, 2004:

you guys fu*king rok ::jumps on you and hugs you:: YaY!!!
arrow Reply by Aiken:
We almost hurt ourselves, but everything has gone allright. Thank you, hon.
Duncan wrote on Apr 29, 2004:

Like the site but why is Jamelia listed as a US artist? She is British (born in Birmingham).
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Because we made a mistake... And corrected it. We apologize for the inconvenience and thanks for the feedback!
Alex Whatley wrote on Apr 29, 2004:

Hey, this site is good, it has a good range of lyrics and is well presented! Only thing is, on that poll thing at the side, I think you may have spelt "muslim" wrongly...or is it just me, spelling it incorrectly for the past 15 years? P.S. Thanx for the Incubus lyrics, are they right though? ...cos they don't sound like the song, probably just me again.
arrow Reply by Aiken:
You're totally right! We were badly wrong. Sorry to all for the mistake: I wil correct it immediately. Thanks for the kind words, Incubus should be ok...
kim smith wrote on Apr 27, 2004:

This site is amazing!! It must take you hours to find all the lyrics! And you've got a really good range of music!!! Keep it going guys and i'll keep on coming back for more!!
(thanx for the Janet Jackson and 50 cent Lyrics!!)
arrow Reply by Aiken:
You are very welcome!

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