arniejane wrote on Jul 07, 2004:

hey aiken thanks a lot for the infos about britney!!!!!!!really thankssssssss
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Hey, Arniejane, welcomeeeeeeee!
Awesome Site wrote on Jul 06, 2004:

No ads and popups.... thats just GREAT!

But just a suggestion:
****Users can vote more than once for the same song.... thats not fair, we should only vote one time*****
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Thank you for the kind words. You're right: visitors can vote more than one time. We are aware of this situation and we do control it. But I will program a solution in the coming days. Kind regards!
arrow Rereply by Aiken:
We've solved the problem! Thanks for your response.
Ana wrote on Jul 04, 2004:

you´ve got part of força´s lyric from nelly furtado wrong: «it´s com uma força» and not «com uma forga»!!!
arrow Reply by Wolf:
We noticed this mistake before, but forgot to edit it. Thanks for the reminder; I have updated the lyrics for "Força" by Nelly Furtado.
Dea wrote on Jun 30, 2004:

Best lyrics site I've ever seen!!!
Without this f***ing pop-up windows!
And a great sortiment!
My new favorite site!
Get on...
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Thanks a lot for your message!
Ashley wrote on Jun 28, 2004:

This site is awesome! Thanks so much Aiken. I can't believe how fast you got the lyrics I requested. I really appreciate it. I'm so glad I found this site so I can use it more often. Thanks again! *Ashley*
arrow Reply by Aiken:
You are very welcome!
missParis wrote on Jun 21, 2004:

vive la holland!!it s a good site!

last night i ve added "le chemin" it s a song by Kyo, he is singing together with Sita, i think it s a very good one.i ve been three times in Holland, to visit my ex who lives there, people i met there were all very cool and calm, it s a big difference with France! he teach me a little dutch but most of the things i know are not the kind you say to people in the street ;).ik hou van the song of Muse Unintended dat is zeer goed!
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Merci pour ta message et ta chanson. I have added your lyric. Tot ziens!
Odd Fried Eggs wrote on Jun 20, 2004:

Love the site! Keep up the good work guys! No ads, no missing pages, a great layout and accurate lyrics. I must compliment you. Hope it maintains it's greatness, it is an asset to the online music community.
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Thank you very much for these kind words. We might install one banner on the website to keep our services running, but it won't influence our speed and balance!
Z`ohki wrote on Jun 19, 2004:

Hey! Ehm, coole site ^^ Al 2de keer dak hier kom loeren voor lyrics =P Opbouw is heel erg goed =3 En alles makkelijk & snel te vinden ^^ En verder ownt et gewoon ubererg lol =P

Maaar ok, kzie jullie wel weer es ofzo =3

Grtz, Nicky =3
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Hey Nick, dank je wel.
Jury wrote on Jun 18, 2004:

I'm added lyrics by Misha, Zuzana, Tweens and P.S., too... :)
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Thanks a lot! We appreciate your effort.
Nessa wrote on Jun 18, 2004:

yeo!!!! wus good u aint got no rappers wuss poppin wit tha n e weys i wnna c sum rappers of 2-deys music!!
arrow Reply by Wolf:
You can request your desired artists with our request form.
Oscar. Z wrote on Jun 13, 2004:

The "contact us" button dont works for me so i write my letter here:


arrow Reply by Wolf:
Thank you for your message. I have updated the details for Europe.
IndecentAngel wrote on Jun 07, 2004:

Great site ! Thank you. And I have to mention I find it funny. I looked up lyrics to a certain song & realised.. its an NL site. I love the Netherlands! I just thought I'd mention that. THe Dutch are the best. I was at lowlands last Augest. Long live the Netherlands!
arrow Reply by Wolf:
It's nice to hear you are enthusiastic about this website and The Netherlands. Thank you very much, we appreciate that. But ofcourse we also provide international lyrics, not just Dutch songs. :)
faye wrote on Jun 05, 2004:

heeeeeeeeeyaaaaaaaa lol dnt really know wat im doin but jus fort i'd say hi as im bored and ill!lol but ur sight looks gd ! how old r u 2 den cuz sumtimes u sound young then the nxt u sound old!?!? also u tlk different languages so where r ya frm!!!?!?!?
lol im so noisy :D
do u get paid for doin this site?
thanx for ya lyrics n keep up da gd work! luv ya fayexx
arrow Reply by Aiken:
So, Faye, lots of questions here. Let's see which I'm going to answer. First: we don't get payed to make this site. We have built this website because we thought there were many lyrics sites around, but none of them are in the way we wanted. So we started our own :)

How old we are? Well, Wolf is 194 and I'm 3 myself. So that's probably why we sound old sometimes. Or young. We are both from planet Earth. But we speak about 6 languages together. So we can communicate in any way we want. And some of our submasters even speak Swedish. Thank you for your response.

See you around.
P.S. You also can find these frequently asked questions in our lil page called the FAQ :)
Ranzige chick wrote on Jun 05, 2004:

Yo man ali b is egt Da Bomb!
En deze site is ook heel cool want het heeft egt elke tekst die ik zoek haha.
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Dank je wel!
rebecca wrote on Jun 03, 2004:

this site is wicked it has all the lyrics i need!
like someone said already it kicks ass.
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Thank you very much!
eva wrote on May 31, 2004:

A big thank you from the States for not having pop ups! I've never bookmarked a lyrics site but yours will be the first :)
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Thanks for the kind words, dear Eva. We just like to be bookmarked :-)
mystic-001 wrote on May 30, 2004:

exelent site !!
no banners no crap just lyrics !!
thanks .
consider yourself bookmarkt!!
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Thank you. Consider yourself lucky visiting this site! :-)
lil emma ov da boro wrote on May 29, 2004:

mint dis site
arrow Reply by Wolf:

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