findcookingfun wrote on May 27, 2023:

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Dory wrote on Jan 06, 2017:

Nice site, tnx!
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Thank you, Dory!
Torro wrote on Aug 08, 2014:

I love your site, guys!
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Thank you very much!
Doorie wrote on Nov 25, 2013:

site is perfect now
can find anyting i need!

good thank you
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Excellent, enjoy your stay!
Jule wrote on Nov 22, 2013:

I love the new lay-out! :D
arrow Reply by Wolf:
I'm glad you like it! We are very happy with it as well. Hope you can find everything you are looking for with the new navigation.
bs wrote on Jul 14, 2013:

awesome, is the site up now?
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Not yet, but soon, I hope. :)
bs wrote on Mar 28, 2013:

hows it going guys!!
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Great! New site in a couple of weeks, hundreds of lyrics added per week! :)

How are you?
buddytyree wrote on Feb 01, 2013:

Oh Lord it is painful to see how annoying I was when I was 12 though.
arrow Reply by Aiken:
No worries - we've al been there. :)
buddytyree wrote on Feb 01, 2013:

Really stoked to see this site still going. Spent so much time on it when I was younger, pretty well a different person. Hope it sticks around for a while, I'd be bummed to see it go.
arrow Reply by Aiken:
We won't go. we will revive it.
ender wrote on Aug 24, 2012:

What, you think you can have busy lives or something?

Okay, okay, I'll go easy on you. :D I'll wait excitedly for the new site, and I'll always come back!
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Great to have you back. Always! :)
badage andrew wrote on Aug 10, 2012:

say d least u can en forget d murch u can
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Forget nothing.
ender wrote on Jul 20, 2012:

Tsk, tsk. No new Artist of the Week, eh?
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Still busy with all new site. Finally some time to work on it again. Hope to see you soon!

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