singer wrote on Jan 05, 2011:

anyone here have a VAA? (voice actors alliance)
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Don't count on it.
singer wrote on Dec 31, 2010:

omg i havent been on here in sooooo long!!! hi everyone!!!!
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Hi Singer!
Welcome back!

Aiken wrote on Nov 08, 2010:

arrow Reply by Wolf:
Welcome back!
ilovemusic wrote on Oct 07, 2010:

i totally love this site ... i finally got a friend on here!!!!!!!!!!!! Add me plzzzzzzzzzzz i love you guys NOT LIKE THAT
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Thank you! We love our visitors!
ender wrote on Sep 29, 2010:

I miss this site! I'm coming back to activity :D
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Welcome back :)
bs wrote on Sep 18, 2010:

hey guy cnt wait till nxt month my b-day
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Happy Birthday already!
dazcrawf wrote on Sep 11, 2010:

any girls up for it text me on: [deleted]
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Sorry, no datingsite around here!
Try to make some friends with your profile.
singer wrote on Aug 28, 2010:

hi everyone!!! happpppy FALL!!!
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Very happy fall indeed!
Jenny Valentine wrote on Aug 17, 2010:

I miss this site and everyone. Where'd you all go?!

arrow Reply by Aiken:
Back in a sec!
sandina wrote on Aug 16, 2010:

school is on life so boring sometime
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Yeah, sometimes everybody hurts...
bs wrote on Jun 25, 2010:

hey guys whats up
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Hey bs, it's up!
bs wrote on Jun 22, 2010:

ohhh im in summer school lolz
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Why? You didn't pass?
bs wrote on Jun 22, 2010:

hey guys im beack i havent been on here in like years lolz what yall been doing??
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Nothing too much, but busy...
singer wrote on May 08, 2010:

yay! school is almost over!
arrow Reply by Aiken:
And then it starts again... wrote on Mar 22, 2010:

HEY I'm back! What's everyone up to? I moved to MA now and lost the computer on the way... But back now and even a bigger moron!!
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Great to have you back!
singer wrote on Feb 26, 2010:

this place seems kinda empty. is facebook getting in the way?
arrow Reply by Aiken:
This place is full of life!
We have no competition, because we are morons! :)
the wanderer wrote on Jan 18, 2010:

i would like to thank you guys for putting lyrics for the city is at war by cobra starship!!!
arrow Reply by Aiken:
You are very welcome indeed!
Thanks for leaving the kind message in the guestbook.
cedcourn wrote on Dec 25, 2009:

thank you very much for the lyrics of Never too late by Hedley, very appreciated
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Our Christmaspresent for you! :-)
Thanks for leaving a message!

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