a-m-b wrote on Aug 07, 2009:

I just noticed something wrong about Milk and Honey there are 3 albums of the the first called " Milk and Honey 1994 " and the other is not available except they didn't introduce more than 1 album and it's called elbi and it includes all the songs which is here .. so i hope that you edit it .
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Thanks for the correction.
We really appreciate it, so of course I have fixed it!

Kind Regards,

hamid_plusboy2 wrote on Aug 03, 2009:

I think this website is the best in it's same!!!
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Thanks, Hamid!
For this kind of appreciation we have this site!

Kind Regards,

Jenny Valentine wrote on Aug 02, 2009:

So I saw that Emilie Autumn's "Enchant" album was listed as being released in 2008 on here, but it's original release date was back in 2002. Just a mistake I thought should be fixed~

arrow Reply by Wolf:
Thank you! It has been corrected. :-)
singer wrote on Jul 31, 2009:

i felt like i waz gone.
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Welcome back, then.
freaxx15 wrote on Jul 27, 2009:

i love this website already and ive only been on it for like ten minutes. thats amazing. i just emailed my friends like seven different songs.
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Thanks for the kind words!
Hope to see you around a lot.
karlababy15 wrote on Jul 23, 2009:

i think this is a good website and i love plies so please send me plies lyrics
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Thank you.
Plies' lyrics are available on the site :)
singer wrote on Jul 15, 2009:

? :. i just love his voice!
arrow Reply by Wolf:
I'm glad you do.
singer wrote on Jul 14, 2009:

i would if i knew one. HE'S MY NEW FAVORITE ACTOR! (he was in star trek and family guy)
arrow Reply by Aiken:
And what about Zulu then?! :-D
singer wrote on Jul 14, 2009:

hey, any of u eber her of dwight schultz? for those of you who watch chowder, ben 10, or family guy, u probably hav hurd of him....IT'S MUNG!!!!!
arrow Reply by Wolf:
*Insert A-Team theme song here*
singer wrote on Jul 13, 2009:

my michael is dead!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! (tears)
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Don't mock the dead ;) Rest in peace! wrote on Jun 26, 2009:

Hey everyone.

Sad day. Micheal Jackson died and I still can't believe it. He was definitely one of my favorite singers of all time. It's horrible...

RIP Micheal Jackson

August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009
arrow Reply by Wolf: condoles everyone with the loss of pop-icon Michael Jackson. Rest In Peace.
madalyn1306 wrote on Jun 12, 2009:

well.. i just have to tell u tht this site is just simply rocking.. all the cool dudes and dudettes really get to hav a real god tym out here.. and even the lyrics.. thts greaat too..!! But i actually looked for the lyrics of a song ---- Linkin Park- Numb.. i dint get it.. just check tht out.. so anyways buh bye.. take care
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Thanks so much for your response. We really appreciate it: it's the main reason why we make this site!

Kind Regards,

bs wrote on May 11, 2009:

hey guy lol hey kiss me cutie
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Hi bs.
kiss me cutie wrote on May 08, 2009:

heyy bryan!!! LOL
arrow Reply by Wolf:
bs wrote on May 08, 2009:

hey guys lolz have a good day.
arrow Reply by Hi:
Hi bs.
brad pippin wrote on May 04, 2009:

hi guys
arrow Reply by Wolf:
qazi.rebel wrote on May 02, 2009:

this site is amazing......could'nt afford not to be a member....great work...looking fwd to newer version...
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Thank you! We won't let you down with the new version :)
bs wrote on May 02, 2009:

hehe srry wolf lolz ill use the privite message
arrow Reply by Wolf:
No problem! Thank you :)

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