bs wrote on Mar 31, 2009:

hey guys i dont no what to say good morning good afternoon is 12:17 and i just got done taking a test in info tech
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Well, I hope you did a good job!
Jenny Valentine wrote on Mar 31, 2009:

I'm wondering if you guys got the lyrics that I added ("This One (Crying Like a Child" by Utada), because the other songs are all there except for that one.

~JV :]
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Hmm.. I have checked to see if there is something I must've overlooked, but there was nothing. Do you want to re-add it? Thanks for the notice :)
bs wrote on Mar 30, 2009:

morning all in aerica its now 11:52 right now where im at peace out
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Good afternoon, it's 5:29 here :)
Jenny Valentine wrote on Mar 30, 2009:

'Bout time The Killers got their spotlight in AOTW! 0:<


arrow Reply by Wolf:
Yep, I thought so. :) Thanks to you partially, because you have written the biography :)
singer wrote on Mar 27, 2009:

mornin to you people in america -_-
arrow Reply by Wolf:
Good morning to you too, all around the world :)
tootielawd1 wrote on Mar 26, 2009:

waz up to everyone holla @t girl!!!!!
arrow Reply by Wolf:
I'm fine, thank you! Cheers!
AmyNg wrote on Mar 24, 2009:

Thank you so much for adding the lyrics Aimer La Vie. This website is very helpful.
arrow Reply by Aiken:
You are very welcome!
Thanks for you message.
bs wrote on Mar 24, 2009:

we all need somekind of music thing on here and where we can watch videos
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Yes, we are working on a new site, in which you can add video's...
singer wrote on Mar 24, 2009:

hey, i just added some incomplete lyrics by accident...can u delete them please? :S
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Thanks for mentioning, Singer, I have deleted them!
singer wrote on Mar 24, 2009:

arrow Reply by Aiken:
Yep, we are 6 years on the fly now!
singer wrote on Mar 18, 2009:

i likes the new smileys! and i am not failing my classes anymore! (i'm so happy...)
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Great to let us know!
I forsee a great future :-)

Keep up the grades!
Divia wrote on Mar 16, 2009:

thanks for the lyrics of cappuccino by the knux!!!!!

i love you guys
arrow Reply by Aiken:
You are very welcome! I think it is not complete, but with the help of all the sweet Morons around here, it probably will be soon! :-)

(O, and you can type some lyrics yourself too, of course, in the correction-box! :))
singer wrote on Mar 16, 2009:

NEW SMILEYS?! (how long was i gone?(tear)
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Yep! (Probably too long :()
Jenny Valentine wrote on Mar 13, 2009:

I like the new smileys and small changes being made on the site (props to you), but why was half of my profile information just deleted? D=
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Because no HTML is allowed anymore...
cakill wrote on Mar 08, 2009:

Hi all I new comers here, I want you with me far come from indonesian want to exchange opinions, ideas and knowledge, including other music,you can more about me at my profile.

see u...
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Very funny profile you have there!
Silhouette wrote on Feb 20, 2009:

Hello everyone, what's going on?
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Hi Silhouette, I can't speak for everyone: but a lot! wrote on Feb 17, 2009:


Now that you mention it... How's about Akon?
arrow Reply by Aiken:
That seems to be a good one.
I will see what I can do! wrote on Feb 17, 2009:

How long has Duffy been the Artist of the week? lol
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Too long! :-)
Any ideas?

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