Smerdis wrote on Aug 20, 2008:

why when i click log out it doesn't log out from my account? :((
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Yes, the login-system is a bit messy coded. My bad! I am working on some new systems which will be implemented soon.

Still have some requests to do though... ;-)
nadanie wrote on Aug 15, 2008:

ha I see it worked the way I did....
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Show yourself the way!
nadanie wrote on Aug 15, 2008:

Hi Aiken sorry but was just joking around,but oh well,I just found out I got at least 1 friend.....(how do you get those smiley's in your message:-)???
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Hi Nadanie. Excuse me, but I was joking around to.
Well, you will have more than one friend, I guess. (You just did type : - ) together. That's the smiley!)
nadanie wrote on Aug 14, 2008:

shit(sorry)but I don't have any friends on this site(cry baby cry).....but I love it anyway
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Crap (excuses me), but you will find friends around. Just add some lyrics (as you did :)), write some reviews, leave some comments on profiles, be around, be nice and there will be friends.

Loads of people to choose from!
And of course there is always the possibility to invite your own friends.
jets wrote on Aug 01, 2008:

no worries dude its cool:)
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Okidoki! :)
jets wrote on Jul 31, 2008:

lol 2 every1 out there im not a girl im a guy!!!!!xD and thank u aiken 4 the kind words its a pleasure this site is one of my favourites!!!
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Sorry, Jets, I should have figured out what sex you have. From now on I will call you a he! :-)
kisskissbabycheeks wrote on Jul 29, 2008:

heiii aiiken n wolf well heii luv diiz siite
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Hi kisskissbabycheeks!
We like you to!
panicandfobsession wrote on Jul 23, 2008:

heyy so i have this crazy obsession with m.i.a now, and i bought her song paper planes instantly:) the lyrics are kind of, ha, well they're risque, but the song, yikes, you'd love the song:) it's catchy. i just wanted to spread the m.i.a!
i love moron, i hope you accept the lyrics i submitted
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Hi! Thanks for the spreading and the lyrics for the song. They are added!
fubar wrote on Jul 18, 2008:

I've accepted 2/3 to accept friends on here - I've accepted but now can't find them - can anyone help please!?!?
arrow Reply by Aiken:
I will send you a message.
dannie wrote on Jul 17, 2008:

Thank you so much!
I have been using moron for quite a while now, and realised that some minor bands I like werent on here, and so I requested some lyrics. Most lyricist sites don't get half of them for you. But thank you; You got them for me within a day or two. I use this for all of my lyrics I need, and have got at least four friends into this.

Spread the moron :)

Love you.
You rock so much (Y)
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Well, thanks so much for your lovely message. That is what we do it for!

You rock to.

jets wrote on Jul 16, 2008:

hey guys jus wanna thank u guys for a great site this site rocks so keep up the good work!!!and thanks for all the lyric's that where requested!
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Hi Jets!

Thanks for letting us know you appreciate it. That is what we do it for!

Kind Regards,

fubar wrote on Jul 14, 2008:

hi-im new and so far no1 will be my friend!but as im a massive madonna fan i thought i should let other fans that the lyrics listed for the album HARD CANDY are really helpful except the lyrics are not right for the song MILES AWAY-maybe some1 can look into it for me please
many thanks
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Hi Fubar,

Thanks for mentioning the lyrics are wrong. If you have the correct ones, please correct them!

*g-gurl* wrote on Jul 14, 2008:

hey ppl miss ya mucho well im bac so comment me plz
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Welcome back!
Jenny Valentine wrote on Jul 13, 2008:

I thought I should point out an error for Idiot Pilot's album, "Strange We Should Meet Here," which was released in 2005, not 2004.

arrow Reply by Aiken:
Thanks, Jenny, I have updated the year!
bre that chick wrote on Jul 10, 2008:

i love the JOE BROS
arrow Reply by Aiken:
I don't
singer wrote on Jul 08, 2008:

my mistake, i understand we are not all in the same country, but choose whatever country suits you. Enjoy!
arrow Reply by Aiken:
singer wrote on Jul 08, 2008:

[edited by Aiken]
arrow Reply by Aiken:
This is typical a profile-thing.

It is not for the guestbook to advertise for other sites or goodies. Or games, in this case!
lil miss sexy wrote on Jul 08, 2008:

research ya ppl on google so kewl popular site
arrow Reply by Aiken:
Yes, we are!
(And we are a bit proud of it!)
Where did you do research?

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