Lyrics: All I Ever Wanted To Do

Artist: Yo Gotti
Album: Life
Song: All I Ever Wanted To Do
Released: 2003
Rating: 21.4 out of 100Please log in to rate this song.
All I Ever Wanted To Do lyrics
All I ever wanted to do was live the life
Money, drugs, cars, clothes hoes
brick, paints, pounds of dro fa sho
a young nigga living how he supposed ya know

[Yo Gotti]
I got sixteen 28 grams broke down to dimes
What's my life like nigga its a constant grind
You got seven eight or nine you can push on
Cause I'm a selfish nigga I want 10 strong
Oh no it happened again
Let me get a good flow of that dro again
Got phone blowin up like a high school bell
Plus the price sky rocket like dope in jail
Break it down in small portions fuck sellin a O
You'd rather make seven or eight or cock bound for da 4
I'm a hustla far from being a busta nigga
You got good game but still don't trust ya nigga
You can catch me in the neighborhood winter or summer
Spring or fall cause nigga I be selling it all
From junts to blunts blunts to bags and bags to O's
O's to pounds I'm just holding it down

[Hook x2]

[Yo Gotti]
I got 36 ounces blocked up pure yola
Make it times 2 once I hit it with the soda
Whip it up good in a beacon and a blender
Have it rock hard plus white as december
I switch up my raps yo I never go the same way
Plus I get a different prepaid every 30 days
So if I get jam I know where it came from
Rub my shit suitable never serve unusual
All money ain't good and all money ain't fine
Some money come with blood and some money come with time
Some money can't spend and some money ain't safe
Money in the wrong way I'll lead you to the wrong place

[Hook x2]

[Yo Gotti]
I got 8 or 9 paints and a bottle of kay row
And I woundn't give a fuck if you nod or stay woke
I just got back from the N Y C 250 a paint
Back in memphis tenn with drank
50 a ounce after I done added the bounce
45 get the nine and every dollar gone count
I'm a hustla don't make me say it again
I ain't trying to please a nigga I'm trying to stack some ends
The strong survive while the weak slowly dying
I'm congruent to them boys I'm out there slanging them pies
They never stop trying they never give up they gotta succeed
My life is like the saying nigga crack speed or weed

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