Lyrics: The Back Room

Artist: Van Morrison
Song: The Back Room
Released: 1991
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The Back Room lyrics
In the back room (in the back room)
In the back room (in the back room)
I waited for you (waited for you)
Ya waited for me (waited for me)

Rain came down, pitter-pat
Say, 'What'd you think, it's raining outside?'
You said, "So what"

You turned the record player on
Had a smoke, stood up
Walked across to the john
In a cloud of mist, couldn't resist

A kitty stepped into the hall
An' she rapped the door
Found the key in the letter box
She turned the door
Walked into the room
And said, 'What's goin' on?'
'I just got back from down the road

I gotta couple a-bottles a-wine
Somethin' to turn you on'
What-a ya think of that?

(In the back room)
(In the back room)

I said, 'Sit down cat, pull up a seat
You're soakin' wet'
Take off your coat n' hat
Wipe your feet on the mat

In the back room (in the back room)
In the back room (in the back room)
I waited for you (waited for you)
Ya waited for me (waited for me)

I said, 'What time is it, Charlie
Where did we go all day?"
We seem to get no where and do nothin'
But sit lookin' at each other
He said, 'I know'
'I been doin' the same thing for weeks'

I look at the clock
And all of a sudden I'm hypnotized
It speaks to me, it goes
'Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock'

The kitty said
'I don't know what you guys do
But I been workin' so hard, lately
That I can just only just fall asleep in bed'

So he played some more sounds
And grooved awhile
Somebody brought out some
Cherry wine, cherry wine

And we talked about what was goin' on
In the music world, and other things

A-ha-ha-ha, ha-ha

The rain outside came down
Like it came never before
Down it came, down it came, rain rain rain

And I said
'Baby what time is it, what time is it
'Tell me, what time is it?


So I peeked 'round the corner, the blind
An' there ya go
'There's another girl that's comin' home from school
Lookin' so cool, just learned her A's to Z's

And said, 'Hey man, don't look funny
All the little girls comin' home from school
And they're sittin', talkin' and drinkin'
And all them other funny things

And Charlie said to me
'Ya know what?'
I said, 'What?'

He said, "Man, you gotta go out there
'An do somethin' for yourself'

'Ya feel like ya wanna make it
Or else you gonna be sittin' 'round here
Like, nothin'

I said, "You're right'
I said "You're so right!'

He said
'I know' ah-ha
I said, 'Do ya?'

Said, 'You know, you're cuttin' records

'Cuttin' records right
You came through that
An', they get through all the time
You're gonna be out on the road
'Oh, out in on back street, man
On the, on the, highway

An' the colors are gonna run
All of a sudden, don't ya feel sick?
The next gig, you gotta make it
'I said, 'Yeah, I feel sick'

I said, 'Yeah, ya know I can't stay here
All the time, as much as I'd like to
But I just learn about all day and all night
An' dig sounds, and go down to the river

And once the artists go through the motions

Gotta do my thing

Aah-ah (in the back room)


Gotta do my thing (in the back room)

In the back room (in the back room)
In the back room (in the back room)

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