Lyrics: No Remorse

Artist: Twista
Song: No Remorse
Released: 1997
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No Remorse lyrics
[Liffy Stokes]
I hang wit pullers of automatic triggers and gold diggers
My mob's full of go getters
Go live or die by the cold niggas
Wit drama bringers ear ringers and pistol slingers with itchy fingers
Getting high on inhaling nigga smoke that lingers
Buck wild hostile we verbal barrels threw nostrils
My hollow point apostles turn living flesh into fossils
It's through gospel niggas will wet it vick Malif'll shred it
Beef on these streets only gets the best of you if you let it

Well it's that Westside nigga from K-Town always gonna stay down
Lay pounds on the table, smoking while watchin cable
I'm able to lick the shot from the porch of my block
And when the gun spray stops there's no information for cops
Nigga I'm heartless some say I role wit the forces of darkness
But the closest I burned to death is the reason that I spark this (Spark this what)
Dramafied premeditated homicide that coincides with the day you die
Cause G, I'm about to let it ride

[Chorus 2x]
Petty niggas down when the bullets fly,
no remorse your fuckin wit a mobsta
For fuckin wit a mobta
If you got your shit right then run and hide,
cause I got a slip quick clip on the side
For fuckin wit a mobsta

Fuck the car jack we do a body snatch
Tie niggas up in the trunk wit them rats like a mac for owning scratch
SpeedKnot's unstoppable muderin as many niggas as possible
Makin heaven a hospital, and where I'm from it's highly probable
In a Benny reefa roller street patroller stackin clips for lethal loadin
In the city where secrecy's golden
Live or die in the Chi, we kill demeanors wit inferred beamers
Death is the sinner
whether the Reaper awaits your fate with your soul on his finger

Nigga you can't retreat
When the Mobstaz greet you with bullets like Robert De Niro on Heat
And makin killin look sweet
See a nigga like Mayze break the safety I hold the clip 'till infinite
To show your definite when I make you cry blood like I broke your virginity
Shit my Mobstaz is straight cheat vs. killers for cash
Quick to stick your ass and flash this 3-80 and rainbow macs
And now you thinking of bringin that bull shit in this direction
Just cause you rap a lot don't mean you can't get a lethal injection

Picture Link the mercenary fuckin you like missionary
Position them missile carriers precision 'till them bitches buried
But a mobstaz sip on Sherries snitch niggas sing like canaries
Where we wrong be carrying clone Periyon and Herringbone
We on the streets in territory we chill come and get you chest pealed
Hot steal and banana clips standing on tip you get your flesh filled wit rhinos
Energies feel for my soul they holdin captive
Visions of living strengthy posses me lets make it happen


Smokin on sweet reef for the beat freak
Cause it's in the heat seaker of the street sweeper
Think I'm lying if you want shit is deadly as slugs
Got you swimming in the blood like sea creatures
Cause you done lit to the land of the lost
where our straps looking as pretty as bitches
But pullin up in a hearse to a church is the curse of these hideous witches
Hittin hoes wit, 44's and four by fours wit the pain of a figure four
Wounds hit you like a hit will blow
Every nigga on this track I'll pull a trigger for
If you test the rock vest, pullin slugs like a lockness
I'm a for show protect my chest
Everything in holes is what I unload and not less
Until meals make progress
Y'all niggas no who y'all be never let me see your face in my spot
While you still be facin your block I'ma be erasing you block
Snappin off like Jason on rocks tastin your knots
Cause when it's pockets for profit
I can't stop it this mob got me
If you ain't gonna pop it don't cock it
Cause if we working you, ready to us carrying clips that's reversible
Takin all our business personal diss wit a verse we all hurtin you
Bull shit aside, (Niggas is knowin I fill another wit holes and not hide)
Better role if not ride unless you hoes don't got pride
No remorse when your fuckin wit a SpeedKnot Mobsta

[Chorus 2x, variation on last 2 lines]
If you got your shit right then run and hide
Cause I got a slip quick clip on the side and drop ya
For fuckin wit a mobsta

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