Lyrics: Get It Wet

Artist: Twista
Song: Get It Wet
Released: 1997
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Get It Wet lyrics
[Verse 1]

Dear love I was thinking how I should be starting this
mean difference of ways still I can light you like an arsonist
put my heart in this particularly funny when we start to kiss, marvelous
How I see you in the cut chillin' with your homies gettin' fucked up
I got fantasies of you carrying me home
I hope you stayin'alone I'm into givin'pleasure echoin' rhythms of my
manly moans
Don't be playin' me wrong I'm too grown for games,
mental manipulation ain't the occupation for the playa you facin I'm
cuz you see I don't be really quite comin on the same boldly and bodily
fluids with every word that 'curs
Girl you deserve some herb and company to be with , fuck whoever you
were gonna leave with
I'm the one you should see shit, I found some love like Adam and Eve
who you should be with your body I squeeze quick
Stick through the sheets are your arms and see don't be alarmed if I
make you feel good all over
cuz I be droppin the bomb that's cuz I'm in the beyond even though
niggaz in the hood is all soldiers
You still gonna suffer the consequences defenseless thinkin about
becomin my wife
if I rock you tonight you be the love of my life
cuz I be huggin you like I'm huggin the mike, plus I'm the one thats
rubbin' you right
And able to stick my tongue up in your navel and lick till you drop
even though I like to hit the twat
I'm realizin' theres a variation of ways I can get you hot
I'm in to learnin' you so pick the spot, I'll get pleasure too but let
me hush and let the lust get a check
I know you don't want me to hit it yet, but don't act like its a crime
cuz it hasn't been committed yet,
but baby won't you let me get it what? get it wet


(get it wet)
gimme some tang and alize let me tickle your body, after the party we
can pleasure will you come let me
(get it wet)
let me saturate you body with honey and lick it up stick it up after
release and let it rupt' is it enough to
(get it wet)
try to marinate your mind whats up am I deserving enough just cause we
up in the club don't be bogus cause you let me
(get it wet)
but you be the only one I be thinkin of gimme a hug you got me sprung in

[verse 2 (Ms. Kane)]

Last time I heard you was playing with emotions and po' pimpin'
all up in the clubs smokin' doves fuckin' hella women
Now negro, what's your steelo you want to get with me though
them mad at them zeros and lo-dos
You ain't no (?) weed leaves, (huh?) pussy fees, (what?) lex keys,
for Ms. kane see a half is for my mommy fuck tommy, he ain't tryin to
ask how I'm lookin'
smooth head got you right in the bed you need another lover like you
need a hole in the head
Instead of all this talkin let your tongue do the walkin' on down this
fuckin' with a wild hundreds bitch ain't that some shit
guaranteed to get you wet
Simple kiss from p.t. lips it won't take a gang of gifts just to hit
come take a little glimpse of these sweet hips
when that ass in the air cause an eclipse, on the freak shit
What you know about this slick clit, send you in a thang when you feel
bitch run from a virgin sup a 'burban get the derb 'n leave you hurtin
Steady splurgin' when I'm servin', get you wetter than a persian the
X-rated version
I'm urgin' but I ain't thinkin' you can get it yet
but if you good in a minute you can get it what? get it wet


[verse 3]

M, m, m, m, got to be more careful don't hurt 'em girl you sexy when you
then again come hurt me baby with a splash
aggression of nana I've never had
As I enter the scene with aroma fresh cologne all that carob on
flamin' up trippin' while stanky roll on
herringbone on gettin' my pose on to the dome strong take a sip of
liquor I'm on bone
Huggin you like I ain't seen you in so long what's up girl, I execute my
unique approach who be the most
willin'to learn and try to be like I got some experience if you need a
Or we can ride tonight and kick it like the homies, who? only me and you
smoke b's up like a cigarette, till I can only see a silhouette and even
though you won't admit it yet
I can tell in time you want me to eventually wanna let me get it what?
get it wet


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