Lyrics: Throw It Back

Artist: Trina
Song: Throw It Back
Released: 2005
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Throw It Back lyrics
(feat. Deuce Poppi)

[Chorus: Trina]
If I give it to you daddy would you throw it back [repeat 3X]
Throw it back, throw-throw it back
If I give it to you daddy would you throw it back [repeat 2X]
Throw it back, throw-throw it back [repeat 2X]

If I give it to you, you gotta throw it back
Gimme the cheese and the keys to yo' Maybach
You wanna - touch for free, I don't play dat
And if your money ain't right, nigga stay back
You better think twice, I like pink ice
Louis Vuitton boots with the mink tights
I ain't no cheap, chick you gotta throw it back
We gotta go to the mall boy and blow some stacks - aowwww!
And I ain't no golddigger
But you fin' to pay for this car note nigga
You gotta pay to play, e'rybody ain't able
Damn, be a man, bring somethin to the table


[Deuce Poppi]
Give it to me, let me see you drop it fast
Girl we could go to Phipps {?} and get to poppin tags
Or we could ball through the mall, tear shoppin bags
And take you straight to the tail so I could chop that ass
Uhh, you wanna ride, we could swerve in the Vette
I'll fuck you from the back done pinched yo' nerve and yo' neck
That pussy so good you deserve you a check
You want that ice on your hands with the birds 'round your neck
Uhh, but I ain't no trickin nigga
I'm a trap cook crack up in the kitchen nigga
But I will lay pipe 'til that coochie dead
Nigga squirtin on curtains and Gucci spreads


I need a, sugar daddy baller
That go to Belle Harbor and tear the mall up
Uhh, I need a D to call up
To break me off and tear these sugar walls up
Heidi Floess is what they call her
I'm on the private jet and I'm alcoholed up
Miss Trina, a star is born
Spoiled and rich, a ghetto Kelly Osbourne
You know I'm in demand, you see me in Japan
I'm leanin on your man, my jeans worth a grand
I'm still the baddest and you knowin that
And if I, give it to you would you throw it back?


[whispered] Give it to me [4X]

Give it to me... give it to me... give it to me... give it to me [echoes]
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