Lyrics: Da Club

Artist: Trina
Song: Da Club
Released: 2005
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Da Club lyrics
(feat. Mannie Fresh)

[Mannie Fresh]
Ladies and gentlemen!
I was 18, and she was 25
And I was kinda fast for my age
It was the, first time, drinkin cheap wine
And then she took her place on the stage
The club, went, crazy (girl you doin it)
The way she shake that ass sho' amaze me
Ladies and gentlemen!

C'mon, I make my body drop, then I pussy pop
I got it nice and hot, that's what I'm talkin 'bout
I'm in that red zone, I got that head gone
You should see me in that thong th-th-thong thong
I make this ass bounce, and these titties right
And make my thighs tremble, cause that's what niggaz like
I got this thing alright, you better ask somebody
And if he ask about me, he better pack his wallet
See I'm a guy pleaser, slash don diva
Slip-N-Slide off the side yeah that's Trina
Take it to the bar, give me Grey Goose
Let me get it started, it's time to tear it loose
Catch a wall, back it up, oh excuse me!
You bitches better make a way for this booty
See I'm a cutie, yours truly
Get out the way of this motherfuckin cooly

[Mannie Fresh]
The DJ cued the record and the record went BOOM
Make a circle, give the lady some room
Shorty make her body rock, followed with the pussy pop
And everybody give her they money
The club, went, crazy (cooly's a bad mamma jamma)
The way she shake that ass sho' amaze me
Ladies and gentlemen!

A bad bitch in the club and she's so astoundin
I'm the star in this bitch cause they show around me
I'm the bitch who been crowned as Miss Miami
Every nigga in the club wanna get in my panties
But, if he payin it I'm layin him
And if the nigga still standin I consider him the man then
He wanna cram it and jam it
Put the pickle in the middle muh'fucker not the fanny
That access has not been granted
It's the way that I strut, make a nigga wanna fuck and
It's the lust make a nigga wanna touch
And I'm not just a ho or a slut, I'm a plus so
Where you ducks at? Where yo' bucks at?
If he ain't up in that, get the fuck back
See I done struck back just like lightning
Every nigga in this bitch wanna pipe me

[Mannie Fresh]
The man say last, go and get your alcohol
Then we dancin way in the back
Now everybody got to know, me and her 'bout to go
take it to the Cadillac
The club, went, crazy (congratulations, you got her)
The way she shake that ass sho' amaze me
Ladies and gentlemen!

Now he, breakin it off, and takin it off
And he, makin me wet, I'm makin it hard
And I'm, drivin his 'llac and swipin his card
And I'm, signin his checks while givin him sex, and
It's the body that they dyin to get
It's amazin how these niggaz be cryin for this
And, it's so crazy that they lyin for this
But, but you gotta get in line you dick
Now, that's the shit make these niggaz wanna holla
Look like a model, shaped like a Coke bottle
Break his bank down to his last gold dollar
I make the flo' wobble damn near a whole hour
Pussy real good, when it's from the hood
But you gotta pay, and it's understood
If I'ma give it up, you gon' give it out
Cause I love makin niggaz go down South

Aiyyo Mannie, fucks wit'chu? You crazy for this one

[Mannie Fresh]
You is a bad mamma jamma
The club, went, crazy (girl you doin it!)
The way she shake that ass sho' amaze me
Ladies and gentlemen!
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