Lyrics: Thug Holiday

Artist: Trick Daddy
Song: Thug Holiday
Released: 2002
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Thug Holiday lyrics
(trick talking)
Thug holiday, go ahead you can cry its all right baby
Everything gone be gravy later, that's right
This the time when we take time to remember
All the loved ones we lost in the struggle you know
I dedicate this to my brother Hollywood, Toby, Bam
My dog Itchy and Lil Trav, I dedicate this to the struggle
Everybody in the county jail, state penn, check it out
[Trick Daddy]
If it wasn't for bad luck, hell against that a nigga wouldn't have none
But when I think about it, what would I be without my gun
How could I, get away from the po-po's, if a, nigga couldn't run
And how was I given a daughter when I always prayed for a son
Life is crazy ain't it, sometimes I even think the same thing
I've been waiting on freedom to ring hell but ain't a thang changed
And I lost my brother in the struggle, and then he lost his mother
And I'm thinking about it who's mine's who gone raise my brother
Not to be a thug, stay in school, don't use drugs
Who'll teach him right from wrong and show them boys, true love
So I pray for the better days, face the bomb had a run-a-ways
And, I put my guns away and I pray for peace on Sundays, it's crazy
ain't it
[Chorus: Latocha Scott]
Just like the soldiers that ain't coming home this year
Just like the fellas, in prison, we miss you so much for real
What about the children, who ran away, that ain't coming home today
Well here's a message from coast to coast
Cause when them thugs really need it the most a thug holiday
Just like em, just like em, just like em, a thug holiday - 2x

[Trick Daddy]
Here go one for, all these killings and all these conflicts in religion
See the Muslims, Jews and Christians but know they are all God's
There's only, one him, plus ain't none of y'all confronting him
So blind in our own minds we wouldn't even know God if we was in front of him
And, I read your books know all your remixes to the Bible
What about a, verse for the thugs curled with drugs and survival
lets add some chapters name them Martin, Malcolm and Faricon
In all my history books, only one died was the Americans
And, that's point of my, who's responsible for Vietnam
And, hold on there's more, we had two World Wars
And, how come the judges make more than the teachers is making
When they the ones raising all the taxes and got us fighting for
Life is crazy ain't it
So many tears, through out the years
Somebody tell me what's going on
And so many lives, but only God knows
About the pain deep inside
It gets so hard, you got to keep your head up
I know you're fed up, but stay strong
Here's a message from coast to coast
Cause when them thugs really need it the most, thug holiday
Just like em, just like em, just like em, a thug holiday - 2x
[LaTocha Scott]
This is for my people in the ghetto
I'm calling out (calling out), calling out (calling out)
To all my thugs in the ghetto
Calling out (calling out)
'Cause it gets hard sometimes, but you
Got to keep your head up, and be strong
Here's a message from coast to coast
really need it the most, a thug holiday.
(*add libs*)

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