Lyrics: Harry Potter

Artist: T.I.
Song: Harry Potter
Released: 2012
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Harry Potter lyrics
[Verse 1 - T.I.]
(Go) Bricks stacked up in a high pile G-4 flying, No Sky-miles
Get it, whip it, give it to whoever in the city
Hard, Soft, Girl, Boy Decisions, Decisions
All I can do is in-vision all this dough I been gettin'
And just a day back a quarter key was the mission
And now I'm weighing fish scale on a big scale
Hopin' I can invade the law and stay outta jail
My relative gave me work, I made it disappear
Like Harry Potter got that chopper in the window
seal My cousin wanna a brick
Listen here you better bring my money back quick
And he replied like this

[Hook: T.I. & Yung Booke]
[T:] Man, I can't even fit this money in a rubberband
Right hand get tied I just whip it wit my other hand
If I can't make that brick Bitch I bet my brother can
Off in my trap junkies bitin' like piranha man
[Y:] And if they ask we got the whip game proper
If the brick game droppa
Make 'em disappear we just call it Harry Potter
Got the whip game proper
My clique aim choppers
Make 'em disappear we just call it Harry Potter, man

[Verse 2 - Yung Booke]
(Flya) Straight drop, got Jays playing Sideline Telvin
Young boys got them racks in the sideline clutchin'
G's on ya head now you a fan of the packers
We stiffer than a statue, We seprano style [?]
Phone ringing, Its about to have a ticket calling
Get off of work, we all gone be joined in pimpin' ballin'
Yeah, cause I'mma whip it til it lock
Set it out [?] and to [?] to the block I'm motivated by big faces, I need guack
My only friends is God Almighty and snake cock
Some of my niggas hustlin' and the other got
knocked Many quit the game and the other was in the box


[Verse 3 - Spodee]
UGH You try me you disappear, we call it Harry Potter
Just gotta ho, I tell her come sit on this Terry
Carter I get my bitches like a bird I'm for the swan though
And I be fresh everyday, Bitch I'm non-spoke
I mix the coke with the water like I'm chemist
I'm smoking until I'm finished
I'm focused and independent You locals is my apprentice
Ugh, A lot of haters want my campaign to end
I fucked a nigga bitch and I champagned her
friend And I just acquired another a fan, I'm truly swag
If yo boyfriend get wrong, I'mma shoot his ass
I'mma young boss playa, make a thick game holla
If this rap shit fall, I got my whip game proper, Spodee


[Verse 4 - Darius F.]
(Yeah) Black magic for you whack faggots
Y'all niggas trash and its tragic
Look, I got what you lacking, I'm full blood attacking
With all this money I'm stacking, I'm on another track and
If you ready for me, I'mma get it cracking
I'mma send ya ass packing
Jamaican Magician
I got the power! Y'all keep wishing
Fuck with me wrong and I leave ya missing
Forgive me Jah for I am sinning
Undefeated and I'mma keep winning
Some much money like I won the lotto
Keep it just in case like rocko
The greatest artist, they should call me Picasso
Make you disappear like Harry Potter cause I always keep my auto
My fist will leave you red and my Glock will leave you dead
No choice but to follow
I'm all about my bread, and I ain't frontin' I meant what I said
No I wasn't playing, Y'all killed Dolla so I don't care who I'm slaying
You can keep hatin' while I'm Bill Gatin'
Hope you understand what I'm saying


[Verse 5 - Rich Kid Shawty]
You gotta whip it with ya shoulda if you tryna get that rover
But that photo panamera probably be a lil' collet, yeah
The trap hop, skip, jumpin'
Gas, no air, I got my ma fuckers pumpin'
Bricks, no rocks that's the ma fucking fuck shit
And if you try to rob I make ya head do the [?]
Finger licking delicious, check it lil' nigga got brickes
6 like [?] for niggas [?] I rock the leather coat like a ma fucking Italian
Dookie Gold Rope like the ma fucking medallion
Bird flappin' It's the home of the falcons
They got me in the middle of the trap like Malcolm
Whip transforming like the yellow camaro
Blockin' the skellos smokin the rellos

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