Lyrics: Like I Outta Do

Artist: T-Pain
Song: Like I Outta Do
Released: 2008
Rating: 58.7 out of 100Please log in to rate this song.
Like I Outta Do lyrics
Man I been gone for way to long till I come back and snap on niggas defecation is a necessity I had to crap on niggas and its not even the trust nigga my daddy told me to so you can lay in your bed scared of what them nappy boys will do I was planning on takin a break but you niggas done bought me out you was makin songs like crazy but now it’s a musical drought now I got them verses at the lowest price around a hundred thousand dollars for that T-Pain sound

You wanna do some shit I did in ’03 but don’t like you know me im layin low key grab your microphone set your autotune and Ima bust a verse on your ass like I outta do i got up out the streets so i aint got to steal but listen to the radio its obvious i still kill. so grab your microphone. set your autotune and ima bust a verse on your ass like i outta do

Now im rappin like 40 (40) yall niggas done got me pisssed (pissed) usin the t-pain effect n expect me to get dissed and now im on this blap and im spittin the real spit(the real spit) just got off of my tour shit now all I wanna do is kill bill

And now im Soulja Boy you (yoooooou) aint know Im on this song you niggas need to go gone leave t-pain alone

Even Shawty Lo got something to say yall niggas chill or we gon have to take it back to the .A. (dun dun dun dun dun dun)

Its Jeezy from the trap yall niggas stealin Pains shit so Pain had to rap and ima cosign for my nigga like that you know I keep that moss burner pump on the lap (haha)

Ross niggas better back up pain needed help so he called me for back up the big boss never slack up ready for these pussy ass niggas tryna act up Ross

Oooooo and Pain is the best and Wayne is up next with that T-Pain effect yall stealin he cool cause he doin what he do yeah im in that Styrofoam cup and Pain drinkin out of a dixy you wit me he on black and milds im sticky he got a wife I need a bitch to lick me different ass nigga but the same dude don’t worry bout a damn thing that T-Wayne do cause T-Wayne cool yall niggas far behind and ill be at the bar feelin on a broads behind and now you can see I got cosignas serve a nigga like a old school dinna raper ternt singa ternt producer ternt rhymea im at the bottom aint nothing to do but climb up
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