Lyrics: Raleigh Soliloquy Pt. Ii

Artist: Sublime
Song: Raleigh Soliloquy Pt. Ii
Released: 1994
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Raleigh Soliloquy Pt. Ii lyrics
You went for line drawings and you f*ucked up you f*uckin' idiot.
You brain-washed yourself you mother f*uckin' stupid cock suckers, because
you never studied your Holy Homework. That's two capital H's there, all
the rest are lower case in any f*uckin' case. Supreme Court, you are not
the f*ucking Supreme Court of anything, except Hell! For the next ten
thousand years you will shovel your shit and eat it, because your on
repeat mother f*ucker. It just started backwards and you can't do a
f*uckin' thing about it. The public are gonna take back every f*uckin'
thing that you took away from them you mother f*ucker.

[Security Guard:] Raleigh.
[Raleigh:] Yes.
[Guard:] This is the deal.
[Raleigh:] Yes, what is the deal?
[Guard:] You either cool it down right now...
[Raleigh:] Or your gonna f*uckin die!
[Guard:] ...your outta here.
[Raleigh:] Oh, your gonna put me out? Well I ain't leavin' mother
f*ucker. Now what are you gonna do, what are you gonna do to this little kid? Eh?
[Guard:] Your gonna go to the psyche ward.
[Raleigh:] Well good, that's where I wanna go.
[Guard:] Yea, your gonna be right there. So you better cool it down. You better cool it down right now, I don't want to hear anything else out of this room or you are gonna go to the psyche ward. This is your last opportunity.
[Raleigh:] Yea, OK, get it. Let's go.
[Guard:] Shut your f*uckin' mouth.
[Raleigh:] all right .
[Guard:] And don't make anymore waves in the house. Otherwise you'r going to the psyche ward.
[Raleigh:] Well, thats exactly what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna go to the psyke ward and so I'm gonna shoot my f*uckin' mouth off, so get out of here. Your cutting into my commercial.
[Guard:] You understand?
[Raleigh:] I'm making a f*uckin' commercial, I'm a businessman! Get out of here! Your trying to get in on this f*uckin' thing, you ain't no star asshole, your just a f*uckin' errand boy.
[Guard:] Your the craziest son of a bitch I ever...
[Raleigh:] Exactly...I'm an American!
[Guard:] This is the last warning Raleigh.
[Raleigh:] Good, Shut Up!
[background laughter]
[Guard:] Anymore out of you and your going to the psyche ward.
[Raleigh:] See, you lie. You don't eat your feedback.
[Guard:] You need to understand that, as long as you understand that, that's the rules Raleigh.
[Raleigh:]Whoever comes in this f*uckin' room, I'm gonna f*uckin' kill em! That's what I gonna do.
[Guard:] Oh are ya? I'm in your room Raleigh.
[Raleigh:] Well you've come in against...this is my room.
[Guard:] I'm in your room, I'm in you room, I'm in your room.
[Raleigh:] Back out, back out, back out. Words don't bother me man, actions do.
[Guard:] Let's do it, go for it dude.
[Raleigh:] Well if you come at me your gonna f*uckin' die!
[Guard:] Go for it.
[Raleigh:] I ain't going for nothing, you f*uckin' reach for me and I'm gonna take your arm off.
[Guard:] Come on. Come on! [Raleigh:] I ain't comin, you come.
[Guard:] Cool it Raleigh. You understand that? You got it? Either you cool it or your out of here, that's the only choice you have.
[Raleigh:] Try it.
[Guard:] Your gone dude.
[Raleigh:] Who's gonna enforce it? Call the cops mutherf*ucker! Call the cops.
[Guard:] You got witnesses right now?
[Raleigh:] No witnesses, call the f*ucking cops! I'll call the f*uckin' cops on you, you cocksucker, right now.
[Guard:] Good.
[Raleigh:] 911 - Just like that, and you will never get out of this. [Guard:] Good. Come on.

[Raleigh:] I would like an emergency call please, there's a psychopathic
trying to kill me in my f*uckin' room, now get them cops over here to
1-2-3-O-9 Ventura Street please. He is standing in my door, I told him to
get out of here, and he tells me he's gonna put me in the psycho-tank, for
making my production here. Which is a science fiction magazine! And he's
trying to scare me 'cause he thinks he's big, but he's just a big pile of
shit! 'Cause I'll splatter him all over the f*uckin' wall. I hope you
record all that. That's a pre-programming for the police department! And
send 'em over here, 'cause I'm about to kill him in two seconds. Now get
'em over here as fast as you can please. I hope your recording this.

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