Lyrics: Miss Perfect

Artist: Spm
Song: Miss Perfect
Released: 1999
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Miss Perfect lyrics
(yo nina,soda pop)you take the breath from me,
make my life heavely, i can't believe the way
the good lord is blessing me,one in a million mother
of my children,me without you is like car with
out engine,you listen to the dreams that i vision
respect that i smoke maryjane it's like my religion
the pigons sometimes make you worry, but i can see
you know my visions aren't blurry,the innocence
still strong like a feminies, i remenise on the
first time we ever kissed in this devilish world
your my only angel, cancled concerts to stay with you
and watch cable,kiss your navel,candle lights on
the table,you never cared if i was 5mins late you'd
leave stable,12 years to me it feels like 12 minutes
my love for you see's no limits,
where would i be without you,i know i wouldn't be rappen
under sound proof,i know i wouldn't be pushing a benz,i
probably be getting transfered to different penz
or chillen with my dead friends or still at tha
weed house makin' 5's and 10's, miss perfect god given,when
i was lost you made my life worth livin'
verse 2
they say nothing on this earth is perfect,i don't believe
it you never cheated perfect record undefeated, i
needed a mirical to save my life, when i was hustlin'and
grinding late at night,i paid the price and listen to you
bitch at me, you start bring up tha past thats history, never
again will i jeprodice thats a promise that i'll memorize
real love never dies,its paradice no matter where we at
tha movies,tha club,six flags or super track, i was
a drop out no education what so ever, but you stuck
with me through all kinds of fucked up weather,
hopin' days would get better like i said they would, they
said stand by your man and their you stood, i was 17 now
i'm 29 and i pray you'll be mine till the end of time
(yo ivey i know you feel me on this song baby,man for sure i
got something for this)
now i'm at that point of my life, i lost my kids
and my wife, i've been up thinking for snit, when
i been up in tha night, so i be thinking inside
and i be wondering why but now i know its to late
cause all i got is my fate and i be thinking relife
about my kids when they sleep, and where tha hell
i went wrong and how tha hell to stay strong
cause now my babies they gone, and all i got is this
song,try to make it alright,and if i had one more night
that i could treasure for life, i know i'd do it
alright with just my kids and my wife
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