Lyrics: It’s Like Romeo And Juliet

Artist: Silk E. Fyne
Album: N/A
Song: It’s Like Romeo And Juliet
Released: 0000
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It’s Like Romeo And Juliet lyrics
[Chorus (2x)]
It's like Romeo and Juliet
Hot sex on the platter just to make you sweat

You is about to get in something you will never regret
And it's gonna be the bomb this is one event...yep

Since the first time I saw you, I knew I was attracted
Reacted to the fact on how you make me act
Shy but sexy at the same time
Always on my mind was a little bump and grind
Usually I don't play it that close, you gots to kick it with me
Before I serve you up with an overdose, of the Silky, little mommy
Make you my man, ain't got no love for nobody else but you
Cause you is my boo, I'll prove to you, my love be true
So do you know where you're going to
Through thick and thin baby, you're all in
Time will reveal that my love for you will never end
My heart keeps... ticking
No time for tricking, you know I'm picking
So lay me down and give me a good feeling
I'll treat like my king, ‘cause you're royal
And only give my love to you, because I'm loyal
Escape with me, come over to my place
I'll teach you a few things in love making
Now I can't wait, I won't wait
So take me by my arms and rock me baby
Cause I'm always and forever be your lady

[Chorus (2x)]

After our first night, you've discovered who's the bombest mommy
LA's finest, with my top dogs all around me
Down to ride, ordered to Bonnie and Clyde
With sexual healing, do you feel me? Baby check my vibe
There'll never be, a love like me
That got your back in this industry
That got your back in these streets
So you don't have to worry about me, on the creep
And I don't want you ever to try to, play me cheap
Cause I don't sleep...around, because it's sleazy
A good lesson taught by my big homey EZ
I gots to compliment you on how you please me
Touch me but don't tease me, now hold me tight and just squeeze me
Now rub my body down I'm feeling wheezy
And cuddle up to me, ‘cause now I'm getting sleepy
But I'm gonna be dedicated, to this relation
So stay away from all them cowards, so we cannot be player hatin'
Cause if you wit me boo, keep it real
And if I catch you sleeping around, then I'm gonna have to chill
When you find good love, you best to keep it
I'm putting all on my sisters up on game, so won't you beat me

[Chorus (6x)]

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