Lyrics: Prescription / Oxymoron

Artist: Schoolboy Q
Album: Oxymoron
Song: Prescription / Oxymoron
Released: 2014
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Prescription / Oxymoron lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Prescription drugs, show me love
Percocets, Adderall
Xanny bars, get codeine involved
Stuck in this body high, can't shake it off
I'm falling off, I can't hold a thought
What's wrong with me? Now the pressure creep
I'm stressing deep, even in my sleep
My mommy call, I hit ignore
My daughter calls, I press ignore
My chin press on my chest, my knees press the floor
I'm blanking out, woke up on the couch
Dinner on my shirt, my stomach hurts
I had a bust out in the 80's but yo, the karma's worse
I cry when nothing's wrong, I'm mad when peace is involved
My senses harmed, sluggish ruggish
A couple Xannies popped, open my pill box
Prescription drugs

[Interlude: Joy]
What's wrong, daddy?! Wake up! Wake up!

[Verse 2:]
Prescription drugs, I fell in love
My little secret, she gon' kill a thug
My body numb, she like to give me hugs
I love her touch, I get a rush
When she don't come around, I start to go nuts
My heart erupts, I'm curled in pain
My phone ring, ring and ring and ring
If you ain't selling drugs, then I don't hear a thing
May 7, Ali calls, p.m. of 6: 45, I finally answer this time
He said "Come to the stu', I'm mixing all your rhymes"
I don't decline, at least that's in my mind
Grab the keys, need some wood for the trees
Dap the clerk 'fore I leave, max on my AC
Continue right, remember seeing light
Wise night, but that's my life
Prescription drugs

What's wrong you tired? You mad? OK I love you daddy


I just stopped selling crack today
I just stopped selling crack today
O-X-Y, a moron
O-X-Y, a moron

[Verse 1:]
Crazy, got my sex on wet in her Mercedes
Ladies, get these off new shoes for my baby
Oxy, I don't know no Pablo or no papi
What you know about a pill, plus a 8-ball
You gotta reel 50 times just to get a rack off
Ungh, I can get a hundred of 'em, make over 3 G's
Only took two days, only read it one time, with his son, belly shine
In the rain for about nine months out the year '97 right here
For Seattle nigga, cheers
When I look up at y'all city
Like lookin' in the mirror, damn near had a career
Just might shed a tear
Ungh, yo, man this shit right here
For my niggas who ain't make it home, sitting on a tear
Got a dap to a nigga bright in here
Feeling life ain't fair
If I was in your shoes I would've copped, don't care
Had a scene, had the medics like {clear}
Ungh, big body cold like a Polar Bear
Ungh, I done sold more shit than hookers
Expensive tees, resemble a push up
Stopped selling crack, cause white don't fuck with niggas
Vanity slave, got whips and chains
Dirty money, clean money the same
Even if I got life, I ain't saying a name


[Verse 2:]
Groovy, when I die tell Spike Lee make a movie
Oh wee, cops bringing dogs so they don't sniff my bitch booty
Oxy, O-X-Y, only feel like I could stop me
Quincy, now how you nigga sliding up every now and then in a Bentley?
Easy, 60-40-50, you can get one for 30 if you let me hook this titty
Let a nigga fuck then my dogs see your kitty
Just stopped selling crack today
When it get hot, smoke a pill, watch it glide like Dr.J
I prescribe you I'm your doctor kay?
You can crush this shit, you can sniff this shit
You can take this shit, you can smoke this shit
Do you like this shit, nigga?
Your brain go numb, synthetic heroine
Without the injections, do the same love and affection
How could they say feeling good is an addiction?
But the world is full of shit so I don't listen
In fact "we livin' to die" is a contradiction
So trapping in a Nissan, O-X-Y, I keep 'em, O-X-Y, you need one


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