Lyrics: Intro

Artist: Romeo Santos
Song: Intro
Released: 2011
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Intro lyrics
(Church Bell Rings)

Romeo Santos:Padre
George Lopez: mmm
Romeo Santos:Ehh venido aqui a confesarme
soy un hombre de bueno sentimientos
and i do no harm to anyone
y no se si es vanida but i like to live a good life
and i admit i have a rare unique personality and at times

George Lopez: Digame Mijo

Romeo Santos: I can be misunderstood
I mean this is the thing father
i work so hard at what i do yet i get so critisized
that im starting to feel it maybe my actions theyre wrong

George Lopez: Whats in your heart?

Romeo Santos: Bueno Padre i mean
there are so many things that im not even sure si estoy bien o mal
por ejemplo i can bye affordable clothes, y toda via lo sirbe bien
but no i need expensive clothes you know top designers, the best of the best
i dont know i mean is this wrong, is this a sin

George Lopez: no hombre esta loco, your talking to a guy who wears the same clothes everyday
Romeo Santos:si padre pero ay mas, i can reach my destination flying commercial but i choose to fly private
i mean is that a sin

George Lopez: The sin would be to fly coach
Romeo Santos: What?
George Lopez: Va apretado ahi, that is the sin
Romeo Santos: hmm
George Lopez: te gustan las munecas?
Romeo Santos: i dont that way that i play with munecas
George Lopez: you are, are you into the ladies?
Romeo Santos: oh yeaa claro me gustan todas, es pecado eso
George Lopez: no its not bad, i actually want you to invite me
Romeo Santos: que que?
George Lopez: what is it that you do that you have these extravagences in your life
Romeo Santos: well im in the music business, so you got the altura
George Lopez: Wait a minute? are you Romeo?
Romeo Santos: Yes father
George Lopez: Romeo my son you got the formula and they can never have the formula
because they dont live like you live and they dont know what you know
and they are not the king of bachata
Romeo Santos: so father what do i do to feel better about myself?
George Lopez: heres what i been suggest
Romeo Santos: yea
George Lopez: i want you to go out there
Romeo Santos:ok
George Lopez: and give me 20 fuck those putos
Romeo Santos: father you use profanity?
George Lopez: i can curse my son because i am father George Lopez
Romeo no one can hate on you because your intent is pure
we will not give value to what other people think you got this
Romeo you have the formula, eres el mas chingon, eres el rey
live your life and in the end, shaaare!

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