Lyrics: Fiesta [Remix]

Artist: R. Kelly
Song: Fiesta [Remix]
Released: 2003
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Fiesta [Remix] lyrics
After the show it's the after party and
After the party is the hotel lobby and
After the Belve then it's probably Cris, and
After the original it was probably this (Fiesta)
Yes ma, Bed-Stuy, Fiesta
Remix with the homie from the Mid-West Side
Game recognize game, hoes do too
It's the new two live, boo
I suppose you knew
So thugs, pop yo toasters
But don't approach us or
Bullets'll chase you
Like Moet Memosas
Catch us both closer
Racin twin porches
Boxes with glocks that'll pop you and make you ghosses
Whoever come closest - you've been warned
But niggaz don't get the picture 'till the weapons is drawn
Make ya wait backstage, baby girl it's on

[Jay-Z & R. Kelly]
And we'll be drinkin 'till six in the mornin

[R. Kelly]
In the back of the club with mama
Poppin bottles of Cris with mama
Put the bottle on the tab for mama
Throwin hundreds up for grabs for mama
Cause it's about to go down tonight
I'ma be drinkin 'till the early lizight (that's right)
Nigga high like a muh'fucker cause I
Take three honeys just to make me feel hiz-high
My, my, my, my
It what they all say when they see the frozen eyes
They say - my, my, my, my
Everytime they see them big things on my hiz high (haha)

1 - [R. Kelly]
Well y'all gotta club
They ain't bookin wit arenas
Got'cha man sayin "Baby have you seen her?"
Yeah she wit me on the low gettin high off 'a dro
Get her knees on the floor

[R. Kelly]
Fiesta - Fiesta, Fiesta
Fiesta, Fiesta
Fiesta, Fiesta
Fiesta, Fiesta
Fiesta, Fiesta
Fiesta, Fiesta
Fiesta, Fiesta
Fiesta, Fiesta

[R. Kelly]
Switchin lanes in my Six in the 'burbs
I met a girl named Tasha in the 'burbs
Took the hood then I moved into the 'burbs
The normal Sheriff's are Police's in the 'burbs (that's right)
Now we about the tear this club up
Don't worry 'bout expenses
This is cause I that show up
Ready to FOO! Like im fresh outta Jiz-Ail
I need some BOO! From all the honey's on DL
I said - my, my, my, my (yeah)
It's what them thugs yellin when them strippers on they flizoor
They say - my, my, my, my (yeah)
That Kisha yellin' from the up and down strizzoke

Repeat 1

[R. Kelly]

I put the big body up
Come through in a Rover
Not only Kelly and Gotti
It's Boo and Hova
Pop Cris if you like
My ice gliss in the light
And I'm wit Roc land right?
So I'm rich for life
I'm like Heaven
Everybody wanna get to me
How you make it to the gates and forget the key
I'm the one God chose so you blessed to me
Gotti Flow'll got'cha higher'n that Ecstacy

[Verse Five]
(Yeah, what, what)
Aiiyo I come through stunnin
Plus I'm gettin blunted in the new six-hundred
Wit the big rims on it
We rock rocks that'll light ya shoulders
Gotta lotta hot cars but the drops is colder (aahh)
You see V-I-P
Me, Kelly, Gotti, and Hov drinkin' Cris like its H-2-O
All we do is spend cheese cause we lud the dough
Mami - roll more trees before it's time to go

[R. Kelly]
If you got Cash Money then you feel the shit, and
If you rollin' on them things then you feel the shit
If you drunk off in the club then you feel the shit
If you'se a motherfuckin' thug then you feel the shit
If you smokin on some Dro then you feel the shit, and
If you off the Ecstacy you got's to feel this shit
If you sippin on some Cris you got's to feel this shit, and
If you throwin up and shit, you've got to feel this shit

Fiesta, Fiesta (repeat until fade)

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