Lyrics: Easy

Artist: Nicki Minaj
Song: Easy
Released: 2009
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Easy lyrics
(feat. Gucci Mane & Rocko)


[Gucci Mane]
Hot damn it it's a miracle, please adjust the temperature
I switched up the interior in my European 50
Damn Gucci lyrical, naw I ain't lyrical
But my bracelet is crazy but my necklace is a miracle
Blacker than Nigeria, with brand new material
Countin a quarter million while I'm pourin a bowl of cereal
Fresher than your ever were, richer than a year ago
with three dollars a Skittle but it's eight hundred a Cheerio
I was arrogant rude same color as a prune
Yellow chain look like the moon and my old school is maroon
VROOM! Hear it ert-ert when it skrrt
26's on the skirts, in a bird, with a flirt
You can jerk, I got twerk, I keep work, in my birds
I got bird, I got bricks, I got pounds of the herb
YEAAAAAAAHHHH - used to be my favorite word
Now my ice game is superb, so these hoes just be like BRR BRR!

[Chorus 2X: Nicki Minaj (Gucci)]
Y'all be tryin haaard (but it's easy)
Tighten up on yo' jooooob (cause it's easy)
I'm Nicki Minaaaaj (so be easy)
Gucci Mane and Rocko - (please believe it)

[Nicki Minaj]
Boom boom, 9-5-4 double R zoom zoom
I don't give a fuck about ya looney tune goons
Yellin poon poon when your really coon coon
I eat these rap bitches no fork no spoon
I'm Nicki, I been Nicki, I'm picky
I stay around the six like that little mouse Mickey
Ask Rocko, ask Gucci, ask Gucci Gucci bandana
I'm a star I'm the black Hannah Montana
I'm such a girl, I'm such a girly girl
I'm sippin on my milkshake with the swirly swirl
Excuse me mister put some cherries in my cups
I take my shirt off and watch the boys go nuts
The boys go nut, the boy-boys go nuts
All the dope boys all the boys wanna fuck
My niqqa S Beezy, keep my wrist breezy
Why would I go hard when this shit is so easy?


Hold up bitch!
Man I done stepped my swag up, don't fly commercial I'm private
Step my rank up, so SALUTE you fuckin private
'Member the days I used to keep my comb, in my pocket?
Now I'm with pilot smokin kush on auto-pilot
I jet on a boat and I 'on't even know how to drive it
But it's all gravy I just coast on auto-pilot
I'm on another coast, ye ain't even in my time zone (naw)
By the time you go to bed I'm gettin my shine on
Yeah it's all good baby go on and climb on
And ride like a rodeo, get your grind on
Tell how I spend money, I be gettin my grind on
Tell how I'm livin when I walk I got my nine on
Your girl lovin you but she with me know what her mind on
Don't make me do it hard and get it goin on some down homes
Watch pitch stats and he don't even have a dime on
Rocko the don, outta here, my time gone

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