Lyrics: I Already Know

Artist: Nas
Album: N/A
Song: I Already Know
Released: 0000
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I Already Know lyrics
Man prince was a pimp appolonia, vanity,
Sheila E. had me on the edge of insanity
Swore if I made it in music I'd be similar here I am,
this is the future, im where the woman are
Rocking wit teninbam, y'all need me,
shine a spotlight up, in the sky like batman,
I pops right up this is Nas hate if u must hate been hot
since the days of cassette tapes t-shirts over the thermals
dripped in our memories sipping that Hennessey .45th
in my denim jeans, she told me she was my eyelashes
when we hump I grunt just like a bull mastiff,
they call me the best who ever did it,
only in the club one minute guess who I slip wit,
a chocolate dike ghetto thing sweet, we going to pop tonight,
bon apatite

Do you know who I am? And she says
La lalala I already know
What we can't hold hands? And she says
La lalala I already know
You got to leave by three? U wit me?
La lalala I already know
So until next week? U know ma
La lalala I already know

U know Mirror mirror on the wall
who's the nastiest sexiest thug of them all,
I seen her in the mall she was wearing
home degarsole keyoke mose cherry cologne
she was lookin very alone till this big weightlifting
mister universe clone starts grabbing her own ,
she cant stop looking im in the zone one look at the kid
she taking of her stone, cash crazy ass crazy hair long
and baby amaze me because im in rare form
she like an ice cold bowl of post honeycomb,
followed me in the shop while I cop menna someone,
tap me on the shoulder I told her I her im on the phone,
I played it off well nobody was on the cell, shit she said the tone?
She said mister so and so should I leave you alone?


Tick tock Tick tock time is passing, hello turn the television off,
focus here
You know, lover not a fighter I'm the vagina liner re constructor,
bed sheet ruffler, for u freak girls under cover who loves ya?
Im not a priest don't front for me, but step in my confessional,
that's the bedroom , tell the truth ill be impressional
wait before u pass ur collection plate,
show me u a professional so we straight?
She tried to kiss her lips but no I don't do that,
want me to kiss her lips but not where the newdge at,
few stacks spend my chips, yea I do that,
see the problem wit you woman is,
look I got em' u can hear a mouse piss on cotton,
u don't want to miss it then listen stop stressing the man
we out to get as much sex as we can,
and u roll wit the plan shorty u lie but u got to leave, 2:45

[Chorus x2]

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