Lyrics: Too Hood

Artist: Monica
Song: Too Hood
Released: 2002
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Too Hood lyrics
I don't think ya'll can handle this, I don't really really think ya'll can handle this, MO'
I don't think they can handle this, I don't really think they can handle this, tell 'em

I'm too hood for you
I ain't tryin' act too good for you
I'm just tryna tell ya what's really tru'
baby I don't think u can handle this (I'm too)
I'm too hood for you
tell me what u kno' about ridin' on chromed out
hair braided up with the gold in ya mouth
Nuthin', Nuthin'

I don't wanna pull ya cards
play u out, call you soft
but the line you just kicked to me
it won't get you nowhere with me
I can see dat your not
the kinda guy that I like
me and you could never be
your too nice and just too pretty
and I'm

[Chorus repeat]

It's not ya fault I'm from da hood
I love em bad and hate em good
to keep it real with honestly
that's the only typa figure dat can handle me
All tatted up, or faded up
a playa dat dont give a what
I'm the only one he lets inside
when he does his ride or die
darling that's why I'm

[Chorus repeat]

I try not to let it sho'
but something says "mo' let it go"
and let ya self be free
cuz I ca take myself out da hood
but can't take da hood outta me

I'm Gansta'
got diamonds in my teeth
so Ghetto
ya'll just want a piece

I gotta have the heart to play the part
and talk the talk to walk these streets
I'm too Hood

[Rap: JD]
(yeah yeah yeah yeah)
call it what u like
sometimes I like to fight
get fly , get high
party all night
keep about 5 grand in my pocket
and a rubber band only rock it if its name brand (u kno')
Prada, Gucci, Polo what eva
da car? gotta have dat wood green and leather
da shoes? They gotta be 20's or better
I don't care if you if u in a benz or a jedda (ladies)
with tattoo's about 3 or 4
of somebody's name you dont even see no mo'
and you gotta have da bling
some rings or a neck piece, a braclet, some studs in ya ear at least
fellaz with mo' than two BM's (thats Too Hood)
gurrlz dat dress like Lil' Kim (dats Too Hood)
cant talk with out cursin'
gold teeth, M L K
awl dats me
I'm just Too ....Hood

[CHORUS: REPEAT x4] (ugh)

now you see I'm just too hood
I'm Too Hood for you (tell me what you kno about)
Ridin' on chromed out (hair braided up with da gold in ya mouth)
nuthin', nuthin'

oh I'm, Mo' I'm
I'm not tryna be
not tryna be funny
you see I like da thuggish things
they make me scream

gold in his mouth woo woo woo woo woo

[chorus fade]
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