Lyrics: Snow Magic

Song: Snow Magic
Released: 0000
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Snow Magic lyrics
In the forests of the North Lands
Where light curtains dance at night
Lived a warrior named Alexi -
He was fair and young and bright.
Many maidens sighed to see him,
Yet Alexi dwelled alone.
Though they tried their best to please him
To their charms he was as stone.

Then one day within the forest
Young Alexi passing there
Met a maiden like no other -
Tall and shining, proud and fair.
Hair as pale as virgin snowdrifts,
Eyes like ice with hidden fire.
From the moment that he saw her
He was taken with desire.

Young Alexi, proud Alexi
There is magic in the snow!
There is peril in the forest,
Hiding more than you can know!

To Alexi's awe and gladness
His pale maid loved in return.
And she would deny him nothing
Though her past he would not learn.
Nor would she once leave the forest
Back to his own village go.
Said she feared the touch of strangers,
Would not leave the peaceful snow.

Now though he would often beg her
Let him much past moonrise stay,
But with tease and soft intrigues
Sent him homewards on his way.
Enemies had young Alexi,
One of them a cunning foe
Noted where he spent his hours,
Laid an ambush in the snow.

"Oh my love and life, Alexi -
Leave while light is in the sky!
There is danger in the forest -
Leave and do not ask me why!

Young Alexi, strong Alexi -
Laughed away his lover's fear.
And he did not leave till darkness
And behind him he could hear
Sounds of wolves that stalked his footsteps.
Then before him he could see
Men that sprang out in an ambush
And his mortal enemy.

He was one against too many,
But ere they could raise a sword,
Wolves appeared and leapt upon them
Like a great howling horde!
Wolves lead by a raging bitch-queen
As white and soft as snow.
And Alexi much astonished
Watched his enemies laid low.

Oh Alexi, my Alexi -
Why were you so bold and proud?
Why did you not heed the warning
That I dared not speak aloud?

And the wolf-bitch faced Alexi
As blood stained her white fur red
And before he drew one breath
His lover stood in wolfling skin.
"Long I loved you with my magic.
Wrought a spell, but with one ban -
In my woods I'd stay a maiden
If I never killed a man."

"Now the spell I wrought is ended",
And she vanished as she spoke
And the wolf-maid turned and fled him
Howling grief as her heart broke.
Though the many maids pursue him,
Young Alexi dwells alone.
And his friends are heard to wonder
At how sad his face has grown.

Young Alexi, proud no longer -
Each day to the forest goes,
Seeks for something lost to hiding,
Raised by magic in the snows.

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