Lyrics: Hi-Definition

Artist: Lupe Fiasco
Song: Hi-Definition
Released: 2007
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Hi-Definition lyrics
[Chorus (Snoop Dogg):]
There's a world go a-head and stair
(treat these folks don't need permission my life's in hi-definition)
Listen with your eyes follow with your ears
(I don't need no no intermission my life's in hi-definition)

[Lupe Fiasco:]
And my return, is more like a re-up
I hold a hold like a tea-cup
World in one hand, while the other hand throw a peace up
My other hand throwing We without the e up
I got like five more man I'm something like sheefa
In the fall of Rome number four Delux
See I've been around the world like the nomb
But I come from a zone where the homes are beat up
The folks unknown and the stones all meet up
Police tap my phone and ma's own on speaker
Said he's back with poems got their domes all leaked up
To get back on the thrown and become young leaders
Oprah put it on my culture now if that ain't wrong
Imus got it from the rhymers now if that ain't blown
They gave my man forty four now if that ain't long
I put it all on my shoulders now if that ain't strong
I made it out alive from the streets of the westside C-H-I
Now if that ain't home you better tell em

[Chorus (Snoop Dogg)]

[Lupe Fiasco:]
And in my flyness I've become the hero and the sidekick
The rider and the nigga that'll ride with
In your ear like the maker of the vivrant
Asalamalakam to the maker of the vivrant
Them other niggas I don't vibe with
Now I was bout three when the eyes went
But I could see everything that you trying to be
You can't hide it
While you coming out your throte like a heimlich
I came up out the belly like an high scip
Only my circumstance reviced it
Hijacked the road and when they shot the pilot
I'm trying to go public so I can get to private
Then send Busy to go and get the pirates
Then hit Africa and try to fix the Virus
Go back to the hood tell Huggy open the hydrents
R.I.P Stack B. I'm gonna keep you alive kid
Dressed in something so fresh and wonderful
F-N-F and S-N double O-P

[Chorus (Snoop Dogg)]

[Snoop Dogg:]
Lupy it's snoopy lets go out
Tip toe through the door do it doggy style
And tell all my chicks in she I cock owe
Lupy hit the Lotto snoopy hit Delotto
Hold the mic tight they bite and might swallow
Take this chill pill will make you swallow
Recital is very homicidal
The big screen will capture you, cause it's hi-definition
Listen cooking collard greens in the kitchen
Them alphabet boys on a mission
If you ever get cash you better get it quick fast
Cause now-a-days niggas get the snitching on your bitch ass
Get it boys best believe in your toys out your game
Specially when a nigga know your real name
Blam blam with the blammer
Smile nephew your on candit camera, film at eleven
Dressed in something so fresh and wonderful
F-N-F and S-N double O-P

[Chorus (Snoop Dogg)]

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