Lyrics: Watch Me

Song: Watch Me
Released: 2005
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Watch Me lyrics
LB B'ness
Yeah, I go by the name of Khrysis (My nigga Khrysis on the beat)
One half of the Away Team
And right now, you in tuned to the biggest colored show on earth...
The Minstrel Show nigga

[Rapper Big Pooh]
I can't afford to not record
So I call my nig' Khrysis tell him hit the boards
Then I call Tay put the pedal to the floor
'Fore we do the shop gotta stop by the store
I'm on my knees gotta go to the Lord (Dear Father)
I pray to you these niggas gon' pay for it
All them times that I went ignored
So what it wasn't 20 but still I scored
My heart still scorned and my mind is focused
So this, serves as a warning to protest
Any verse disperse is sicker that the first and
'S no treatment for this disorder
Carolina's number one reporter
A nigga who's back with a vengeance better run for the border (run)
Or head for the hills or duck and seek cover
Who else gon' make it hot this summer, its LB nigga...

They can't stop me, naw they can't stop me
They keep playing', keep sayin' I'm cocky
They keep tryin' but too tired to top me
Their best bet is to fall back and watch me

They can't stop me, dawg they can't stop me
They keep playing', keep sayin' I'm cocky
They keep tryin' but too tired to top me
Their best bet is to fall back and watch me

Uhh, (whoo) ain't no need in gettin' teary eyed
Tay's the illest, point blank period
Plus I got niggas , in DC
That'll hit you for 3G's and a box of Yum's carry out
Outlook lookin' scary now
They was frontin' before but now they seein' that we serious
This ain't a peace talk, so muhfucka save your sweet (suite) talk
For reservations at the Marriott
They say birds of a feather often flock together
But me and Big Pooh rock together
And if not forever
I'mma reach to the sky, and keep flyin' high like we got propellers
'Goddamn, y'all boys doin' it', they stop to tell us
And if God propel us to the top, I won't go pop (pop)
No need to act a fool in public
'Cause when you, ego trip you just lose your luggage and well...
I ain't got no time top play with 'cha
I'm Phonte, international stage ripper done
Made friends and made figgas
while you stuck on the front porch
Mad, like you fixin' ta shave Mister (you fixin' to shave)
That's reality, so color me purple
My name in history, nigga that's what I work for
Better keep it moving like the laws of inertia
Before these Carolina boys come hurt 'cha
better tell 'em bout it...


-And now The Minstrel Show is proud to present... Jazzy Jeff (Jeff Jeff Jeff..)
-Khrysis on the board with--with the heat
-Fuck that, I got your head still bobbin and my verse to be rhymed
-And to my man..Jaaaaaazzzzzzzy.. Jeff (Jeff Jeff Jeff)..
-Rap--Rapper Pooh, Justus League
-All my real life niggas..

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