Lyrics: Oh Let's Do It

Artist: Lil Wayne
Song: Oh Let's Do It
Released: 2009
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Oh Let's Do It lyrics
[Wayne talkin]
(Fuck dat) T in dis bitch wit me (yea)
5th hit da weed (you got all dat shit yea)

I got young money up and now I got my feet up
Toon in dis bitch tell my niggas throw dem b's up
Doin wat the fuck I want hate me all the fuck you want
Real niggas fuck wit me and I dont give a fuck who dont
Locked the CEO up and I'm the CEO fuck!
Prison in feburary and I aint in no rush
Drink till I throw up nigga roll mo blunts
Ball so hard man I gotta go pro once
Hit him wit da shotgun call dat shit da stop button
Call me doctor car-ter a.k.a young wild nigga
A.k.a. no trial nigga AK click clack bow nigga
Fuckin wit da kid and u'll b missin like balow nigga
Yeaaaa swagga stoopid pack a uzi
100 clips nigga dats a movie aim at yo toupe
U sweet as kool-aid creme' brulay
I'm sharp as blue ray I fuck her today
Then she gotta skate young lupe
I hit the beat hard bobby bouche
I keep them tools on me get da screw face
Flowers for da dead here's a bouquet
LV's nigga on every suitcase
YM nigga it's a new day
We da champions nigga hoo-ray
Hammer in the louie duff
Take a nigga bitch she give me brains until I knew enough
Bullets come too fast to adjust
I dont give a fuck about my roof dat much
So I put it in the trunk and den da coupe sped up
Take da choppa out da trunk and just shoot dat up
Im weezy f and da f is for flame
Eat dese rappers chef up da game
Shit on da track shit on da train
Murder da beat da beat was slain
Rest in peace dats a shame he kill anybody song
Versatile as fuck I switch it up like dennis rodman dome
No homo you rock and roll rest in peace my styrofoam
Now dey wan kno wat I be on
Get da fuck off my dick my cock my balls
B-big money my pockets long new orleans I got my home
And dey got my back pause no homo no mardi call
Smokin on dat private grown it put me were I belong
All about my cheese cheddar mozarella provolone
Fuck her for a hour long let her take a shower gon
Sorry baby but I'm in my I don't wan b by da zone
Yeaaa hah ur a groupie get on yo duty
Two women give me head call dat two face
Bitch I'm too great take ya food tray I was born on doomsday
Uh a-aint no nigga like me
Wats up to my gang big b's like a brightland
Take a nigga bitch she ride my dick like she cyclin
Then she can't walk run or jump like white men
F-fuck you niggas wan do
No ceilings let the bullets rain on you
Weezy f da f is for fuck what you goin thru
Make ya people mourn you haha okay lets do it
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