Lyrics: Gossip

Artist: Lil Wayne
Song: Gossip
Released: 2007
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Gossip lyrics
I Hate Gossip
And I don't walk around lookin for it, you know?, But
Yesterday It Seemed to just wander around until it found me,
the gossip found me
Then why don't you try proving it.
How? You don't know how to prove it?,
well, what you just do is...

Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop... (Oo)
Stop, hatin' on a nigga
that is a weak emotion
The lady of a nigga
And you could get tipped
like ya waitin on a nigga, and
Put a body bag and an apron on tha nigga

I give my all behind the mic,
but you could never see, if you sit behind the light
You don't have to pick me.. to win the title fight
But I'm gone wear that championship belt so tight
And if I'm wrong, there is no right
And if I'm wrong, there is snow white
I'm tryna be polite, but you bitches in my hair like the f**kin po-lice
My flow is rare, these other rappers nice,
These other rappers bark,
Some of em' even bite
But I'm much more bright
I give the game sight
So before you dim the lights you just might... might... wanna

Think it over (think it over) Oo
Think it over (think it over) Baby

Stop... analyzin' criticizin',
You should realize what I am and start epidimizin'
Confident, I got the heart of the biggest lion
confident like f**k em all, pull out my dick and ride it
My flow sick, so sick, it's like my shit is dyin'
It rains a lot in my city, because my citys cryin'
Because my citys dyin'
But I emerge from all of that, I am a livin pion-eer, sighin.

Fear God, not them
Steer my Robin Coupe through the streets of the boot... and
And, then I leave tub in the boot, I leave a blood bath,
Sorry there's a tub in the boot, now where the drugs at?
Like the strings on shoe No nigga f**k that
I'm twisted like the string on a boot, now where New Orleans at?
I feel hip hop stole me like a bus pass
So in your possession, I must ask...
Hey, haven't I been good to you? (Think it over)
Tell me, haven't I been sweet to you?

Drag my name through the mud
I come out clean
Cast away stones
I won't even blink
A gun is not a math problem,
I won't even think
Just leave you dead like the mink
under my sink
Don't believe in me
Don't believe me
I graduated from hungry,
and made it to greedy
My flow is like pasta
Take it and eat it
But I'ma need cheese if I'm bakin' a ziti.
You niggas want beef?
I want a steak and uh, we be
Lost in Amsterdam or Jamaica where we be
Hard body nigga, just takin it easy
All about my paper, bout my paper like Eazy
Why do rappers, lie to rappers, lie
to fans, lot of rappers, lot of rappers
Lie like actors, cut the mothaf**kin cameras
Cut the check..f**k your props
I AM hip hop.

I'm not dead. I'm alive

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dummy Guest wrote on 15th Jul 2008, 16:50h:
the bit, lyric are dope!!!!!! nice very nice
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