Lyrics: A Millie Freestyle

Artist: Lil' Mama
Album: N/A
Song: A Millie Freestyle
Released: 0000
Rating: 47.3 out of 100Please log in to rate this song.
A Millie Freestyle lyrics
Aye yo Wayne?
i must be a goblin
cause they say humans can't live without they heart, they took my mama, let's go!"
who say what? say what? say no!
i go's in like Pac, J so hold up, the Carter's here? I go's in like Pac, J, so Carter!
better ask my father been doin this since younga den all yall rappers who tried to test me? i would dismurder all yall i will destroy and wont miss when i murder all yall I'm givin new life to birth I'm a hit controller
no I'm the birth of hip hop I'm a birth controller
creation and reputation is of the worst of all yall
i am despicable been this way since lit-t-le
why u think i dress in baby clothes like my sister do
they ain't make my bot-t-le
hungry so I'm robbin you
crawlin on the floor -eatin rappers like goblins do-
Look. see i, must got 3 eyes & neva put that gun up in a stash like T.I.
picked on pen like a bully outta rehab
and stayed up on my grind like that table pepperica rica
let me get up out my play pen
show ya how to skate when skatin
call me the train's mrs. or you can call me the train's men cause i ride tracks like old men
I'm in it to win it
i said that I'm in it
i wrote i wrote
i wrote it
i walk it
i talk it
I'm focused gotta stay focused
who who want what with me
L.I.L like Weezy be
even though it took some time to hop up on this Weezy beat
i had to get my head right
momma said say it once
but think twice
always on time like empire state buildings gon pay my; oh my!
and Weezy baby cause we spits that just go crazy..
if ya know ya flow is lazy step it up like that new movie....cause.......
beats is born not made and the shade we lay in the sun we go's crazy! ever seen i am legend? once you're a beast you're always beast! Ever heard i am legend well listen what i do to beats!
call me snow white...ate a bad apple
i sneeze [achoo!] vomit on the track spiteful
flow so mean call it grumpy with a rifle
neva played with dope because the hood taught me not to
I'm on point like that guard name Jennings
takin over courts like my last name Spalding
i cross over, last name Kirkland
& still up in the game so it's hurtin me! OW!

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