Lyrics: Just Be Good To You

Artist: Jeremy Rice
Song: Just Be Good To You
Released: 2007
Rating: 61.7 out of 100Please log in to rate this song.
Just Be Good To You lyrics
just be good to you wake up wake up wake good moring i wanna something like to you so much oh really i dont care i cant wait was sure make to me someone oh baby im remember to you guys i deaf sign languge renturned iwill talk about to vanessa angel im think to you shine mybeat heart i hope to you you save to me safe my life let roll rock i miss to me anionio bay island im leave to see to you say good bye you if catch to me ever get it up i most wanted oh hey hey hey hey iwill help to me the fog 3 2007 iwill my close my mom she wilwithout to me close to me son
(chorus) iwill talk to you add actors guys the fog 3 2007 inside you my way i wish were you here iwish were you here i wish were you i wish were you here true im thuth feel to me ilove hilary duff forever vanessa angel forever you be made good (chorus) ilove to you too guys good my keepsecerts im made vanessa angel hilary duff not stop unit iget revenge to me i made to you vanessa angel hilary duff you baby my girl hilary duff and vanessa angel she's talk to me baby do love to me hug kiss to me with to me you and to me (chorus) i not scarred ghosts im alive you my best friend forever at the world ooh ooh fireworks feel im fall in love with hilary duff and vanessa angel thank to close my mom she with out to me son close to me i belive to angels god christ holy jesus mary im promise deal with you guys (chorus ) just be good to you i wanna something fog comeback you will make fronst to me smile wave for to me you and me help to you remeber to me just be good to you i wanna something fog comeback the fog 3 2007 iwill miss to you see to you i love to you so much guys say good bye chorus the river water graves ghosts i cant without to you say no no no i dont without you say no iwill say with you (chorus ) i need to you i want to you i not alone say no no no im iwith you there of you im christ a pray of angels (chorus) im grow up im just kid im trust to you la la la la ooh ooh ooh i wanna something come back im christian pray of angels thank god the fog 3 2007 come back soon later you if hold on hold on hold on im here hold to you im simple to me ooh ooh ooh bye bye bye

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