Lyrics: Hello Kitty

Artist: Jah Bless
Album: N/A
Song: Hello Kitty
Released: 2009
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Hello Kitty lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Bless da best
You should get a lighter
Mack loural lip gloss from my saliva
Jah so raw so raw no problem
Touch it frm tha back and watch I make it come out ya
French kiss the lady ms fila minon
I can make that thang sang like it's making a song
You wanna meet you wanna treat him
You hope your boyfriend ain't home when you see him
Cut it like it's the meanest
Touch it like it's the cleanest
Even tyre up on it
She catch it like she receive it
I treat it like a huddle how I'm running in and out
She said boy I want you bad
I said girl hush your mouth

I like that pretty kitty
I love it when it's sticky
So grind with me grind with me like you pretty ricky
I'm goin to da ocean and I'm about to free my willy
And when it comes out it says hello hello kitty
Hello kitty, hello hello hello kitty
Hello kitty, hello hello hello kitty
I can meet it over here
I can treat over there
But I bet a million dollars I can make that kitty purrr

[Verse 2:]
Now lemme pick up where I left off
You done seen me two times and you ain't wet off
My swag so sick I can make lil mama vomit
She know that I'm a star so she cummin like a comet
I can make a magazine I'm all in da sheets
I'm mia but you can find me in her south beach
I throw it all in ha like fish bait
I be da guy to talk about it on my mixtape
I spill my milk all over her cookies and ooh lala on her noggin
Wow wow whoopsies
She talklin dirty but I know lil mama purdy
No application but she say she gone work me


[Verse 3:]
Third verse, betta be da worse
Cure the kitty nine lives put it in da hurse
Yeah tht kitty kat best believe I'll murk
Put sprite in your liter box to quence my thirst
Please excuse my hands da way I'm feeling on your chest
I make her scream my lips touching her neck
I'm giving her game but shawty can't think
Three lives all over the bathroom sink
Da other six all over the bedroom floor
Shawty make it rain, well I can make it pour
Nibble nibble bite bite
Yeah I use my teeth homie
I love a skinny girl so I can put some meat on her
And I like them thick ones too
I'm running through her waves like a shark do
How to make that body talk, I'll make it argue
We can have a conversation
(Jah jah you you da man)
Tht body ain't blazin
Lil mama cremated
Beat it up like da block symphony made it
I amaze myself
Austin powers with da swag
Girl behave yourself

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