Lyrics: Play That Hoe

Song: Play That Hoe
Released: 1991
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Play That Hoe lyrics
Play that fucking hoe!!

(Violent J)
Excuse me bitch, I don't mean to trouble you?
Can you guess the beat?
Yeah it's EMW the Inner City Posse's getting fucked up
It's the Faygo and the OE getting sucked up
Bitches put me in a bad mood
Cause I was itching on my nuts,
and their saying that it's rude
The hoe said that's disgusting, J
Don't worry about it bitch,
cause you'll be sucking on them anyway
Mind your own sewer freak
She's storming out the house mad,
and I'm staring at their butt cheeks
When a bitch let's everyone hit in the butt
She's always coming back with a fat gut
She's showing pictures, and then nothing was said
They all know it was mine, cause the baby had a big forehead
I ain't no kinda daddy, hoe
I'll be filling up his bottle with Faygo
You better get an abortion, no fucking doubt
Or I'ma reach down your throat and pull the motherfucker out
She's bitching and bitching but I ignore it
And then she's gonna ask me to fucking pay for it
I gave the hoe an empty 12 pack
Take your ass to the store and bring a 2 liter back
That's all I'll pay for bitch, now get the fuck on hoe
Stick around, I got something you can suck on, yo

Rolling down west Verner it's the same
I'm getting sick of seeing mobs of these goddamn names
Spray painted on the walls all around you
It's a damn shame that the deli doughnuts never found you
Black Counts, Young Gun, and X-men
The Cobra's will bring the 98's down to 10
Yet the second the ICP shows they face
Billyclubs and handcuffs all over the place
Running from the hook through the alleyway
They can't catch Violent crazy ass motherfucking J
But I guess I wasn't so crazy this time
Cause now I'm chillin' in the back of car 49
Sitting in a bullpen I heard a switch
I looked up and the cop was a fucking bitch
I jumped up and quickly started fronting
I said maybe we can go out for doughnuts or something
She brought me conmmissary and extra juice
If I could only get this bitch to cut me loose
She snuck in one night and we started to row
Next thing I know
I was fucking her with my Billy club
I was out the next day I called her on the phone
She said "Hello Joe"
I said "Bitch fuck on I'm a free man now, so fuck you hoe"
That's why I tried to tell ya so, yo

I'm a mack daddy hoe there's no stopping me
I'm playing bitches like a motherfucking game of Monopoly
Take a look at my boy Nate the Mack
By the time he was 12, he had your mother on her back
When you were growing up thinking love notes will get her
I was at home fucking my babysitter
Bitch buy me a slice of Little Caesers
You bitches, hoes, sluts, and skeezers
Hit it, quit it, and get away with it
You'd like me to bitch so why don't you fucking admit it
I forgot your name so I'ma call ya hoe
When I snap, you'll answer to your Uncle Joe
Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch,
Your hanging on my dick cause I can make you rich
Yeah okay you could stay there that night
In the back with the rest of them sewer rats
Well ya know we'll fuck in my bed, of course
But then I'll keep you in the back like a fucking horse
I'm finna head to the Faygo store
But remember homie, you gotta play that hoe

Useless Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ain't that right ghetto style, yeah he ha ha ha

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