Lyrics: Take Me Away

Artist: Ice Cube
Album: N/A
Song: Take Me Away
Released: 0000
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Take Me Away lyrics

Haha, today was a good day
Sometimes I just get on my knees you know what I mean
And pray to the man with the master plan

[Verse 1]

Lord have mercy, my people so thirsty
Come feed 'em, either Jesus or Mohammad
All we get is vomit, come like a comet
Put it in my brain Lord, put it in my stomach
Only you can do it, Imma learn from it
Do what I gotta do, try not to plum it
America used to shoot like reptiles
Don't worry tomorrow, let's get this right now
They wanna run us in the ground
Educate yourself, before they dumb you down
Get your money boy, the legal way
Beat 'em with they own bullshit if you may
Now rich white men they got the world f*cked up
Why should I give a f*ck about a styrofoam cup
Environmental saying, but if I go green
You know what I mean b*tch


Take me away from these people [x4]

[Verse 2]

Ice Cube for President, let's just do it for the hell of it
See how I run the government
Make money irrelevant
I might tell a chick, it's illegal to resell of it
Secret service don't know where the hell I went
Sorry ya'll, I had to f*ck a super delicate
Dream ticket, Ice Cube and Obama
American dream, Ice Cube and yo mama
The Terminator, are you Sarah Conner?
Arnold Swarchznegger, can kill who he wanna
In California, they strap you to a jurny
And murder your ass, in front of your atourney
Do you really wanna take this journey?
And scared of none of ya'll, muthaf*ckas like bernie
Mad step back, I got the mac 11
Unlike Obama, Imma have to back my Reveron


Take me away from these people [x4]

[Verse 3]

Now the Lord is my sheppard
My flow is respected, world wide
In the west I got to rep it
So please check it, cause my style is infected
With the virus, Ice Cube's the ocyeros
I bailed through, they wanna put up in bail view
'Cause my point of view is not red, white and blue
It's black and blue residue
I know what crack can do, to a whole f*ckin' avenue
Spit on it, and they'll get mad at you
You know I do this bullshit for your gratitude
Imma Nigga Witta Attitude
Imma do what I gotta do, just to change my latitude
In the system, rollin' with my diamonds glicnin
And niggas listenin', from your local prison
Imma prism, your only vision is a rainbow in the sky
When I spit the ism


Take me away from the people [x4]

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