Lyrics: Stick Em Up

Artist: Gucci Mane
Song: Stick Em Up
Released: 2006
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Stick Em Up lyrics
Pull up in the old school with the hubcaps, got my black tee,ones, and my skull cap,
Stick Em Up,
Stick em up,
Stick em Up,
Stick em Up,
Stick em up,
Stick em up,
Stick em up, ye aint know
I aint come to play and I aint come to laugh, all I gotta say is nigga put it in da bag,
Stick em up,
Stick em up,
Stick em up,
Stick em up,
Stick em,
Stick em up,
Stick em up, ye aint know

[Verse 1 - Gucci Mane]
You know the procedure, when u see a heater
Bullets rippin at ya, got ya runnin like a cheetah
Rob in my black tee, mob in my black V
Robbed the weed man, cuz the nigga tried to tax me
Ye aint gotta ask me,tell me where the stacks be
Hittin big licks got me ballin like an athelete
Used to take starter coats, moved up to bigger dope
Down for a kick do' (door), just to make my wrist glow
Steal from the rich, but I hang with the po' folk
Ball till ya fall, but dont ball til ya go broke
Gucci mane la chat, we in and out the trap fast
Leaving out yo house, 30 birds in my bookbag


[Verse 2 - La Chat]
Ok..Check that bitch that wake up early in the morning, looking for a victim
The first nigga look like dolla's, tryna holla, I'm gone get em
I got no time for relationships, I'm out to get that cheese
Even if I have to kill u bitch my son I got to feed
Im at the mall, I'm poppin tags with shopping bags so style
I found a duck that I can pluck, that nigga that asked me out
Whoa, hold up my nigga u must dont know I gotta get ya
You told yo boy I got a big ass, but boy my nine is bigga
Im waitin on him to pull up at the spot I see he clean
That boy sittin on them things, a iced out chain, and big ass rings
He said lets go to the movies, I told him lets go to the room
This nigga think he really got a freak, but mine is do the fool
We get to the room, I let him rub,i let him get a lil touch
I told him hold up stop, let me go to the bathroom freshen up
I went out the bathroom window, met with Gucci glock in purse
Kicked in the do', shot him in his head, took his cheese and left him murked..Im that Bitch!


[Verse 3 - Gucci Mane]
They say that I'ma cut throat, gucci never cut coke
Yea I'ma jack boy, known to run a drug sto'
Hang wit the thug boys, nicknamed the goon squad
First you gotta sign up, then ya get your goon card
Niggas scared to fuck wit me, dont wanna serve me
Shop wit ya wednesday, take from ya thursday
Splurge wit my comrads, gucci mane I'm hood rich
Nigga kill for ya, if u just buy him a outfit
Think like a mob boss, move like warranty
Got a half a mill safe, just to keep the bills paid
Burn em with a hot fork, taser on his nutsacks
I aint come to play, I came to find them big stacks


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