Lyrics: Pillz (remix)

Artist: Gucci Mane
Song: Pillz (remix)
Released: 2007
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Pillz (remix) lyrics
Geah! Gucci Mane, is in the buildin
So Icy Entertainment, Zaytoven on the track
When we come to the club
We got the choppers on deck, and the yoppers on deck

[MB] Is you rollin? [4X]
[GM] Bitch I might be [4X]
[MB] Girl he geeked up [4X]
[GM] Bitch I might be [4X]
[GM] Yaaaaahhh!

[Verse 1]
Game choppin like my rims, I'm choppin it up
'Til my 'caine gold like a pimp, I'm fresh as a bud
Plus I'm blowin on the sticky green, so I'm dro'ed up
And I'm rollin on the bean, so the city SLOWED UP~!
My team showed up, so you know we need a party pack
Callin Momma Stash, say she wanna be a part of that
Tell her I'm for real, and I keep a knot folded back
The next thang you know she tossin pills like a quarterback
Guc', I'ma throw it back, stacks I just showed you that
Deuces on the 88, they say I brought the roller back
Fifty for a dollar, hell yeah I can roll with that
Take it to the hood and let, Yatta get ahold of that
Got to be the coldest cat, ice froze the thermostats
Shawty had a Cali tat and Gucci called the Alley Cat
Shot a couple triple stacks and po'd up the iced tea
Slide on my stunna shades; geeked up? I might be


[Verse 2]
Said I'm higher than a kite and me geeked up on these pills
Suave Stacks got me actin out, I know that she can tell
that I'm rollin (yeah) like the wheels on a bus
I need a cold Tropicana cause my heart about to bust
Look I'm sweatin like a dog and she askin for some mo'
Gave her couple of blue dolphins and I tell her to go raw
Bright lights lookin psychadelic, I'm off in the zone
Feelin strong like Superman, bitch I bust your dome
Said I'm smokin all the purple and drinkin all the 'gnac up
And I ain't feelin none of that until the next mornin bruh
My stomach fucked up, a couple holes in my brain
But I party like a rockstar, these bitches askin mane!


[Gucci Mane]
Gucci Mane, Laflare nigga, get'cha mind right
Order Crist' by the 12 like a case of Bud Light
Sell kush by the bell so you know my shit tight
7:30 in the mornin on an all night flight
I'm high like Fabo, hood like Shawty
So (Tell Me Where to Go) like my name E-40
A rich rock star nigga I'm gon' party
Got a party pack of pills that's at least 'bout 40
I'll pour 'em in yo' hand like a bag of jelly beans
Take two of these pills call me in the morning
Fifty thousand pills man I'm so real
Three dollars for a pill that's a damn good deal


[Mac Bre-Z]
Ay whassup Gucci Mane!
Why you sweatin so hard?
Is you rollin or somethin?

[Gucci Mane]
Shit well baby I might be
But got damn what is you doin?
You jockin a playa, you chew-chewy over here right
Look I aint K-Rab baby knahmean I'm not a piece of bubblegum
What I'm doin is not your business
But matter of fact while you over here is you a waitress or somethin?
Cause the shit you got on make you look like you a waitress
So do what you do aight I'ma give you this hundred dollars
Go get you whatever you drankin
Bring me and my clique about ten of them orange juices
five Crunk juices and we'll be straight how 'bout that
And is you straight is you single or is you married?
Cause I might be, bitch I might be
Bitch I might be, bitch I might be

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