Lyrics: Odog

Artist: Gucci Mane
Song: Odog
Released: 2010
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Odog lyrics
[Intro/Chorus: Wyclef Jean]
I'm a thuuuuuuuug
Even though I wanna change my life and get it right
To the judge, I'm always gon' be a thuuug
Like O-Dog, "Menace II Society"
They wanna see me undergrooooound
But I just bought a plane, hey, hey
Sky is the limit now; my jet just took off the ground now
And ain't nobody gon' stop my destiny, destiny, no no no
Ladies night - pop a bottle now
Cause the wear just came off now
From doin time in the penitentiaryyyy, yeah
And if you come from the ghetto and you feel like a champion
Let me see you put your hands up (put your hands up)
Put your hands up (put your hands up)
Put your hands up (put your hands up)
Put your hands up (put your hands up)

[Gucci Mane]
{?} beatin on my chick {?}
Feelin hipper than a hippie in a tye-dye shirt
Gucci Mane motherfucker and the earth my turf
Ice cold, buzz hotter than July 1st
Oooh, this the type of tune make a dime choose
He make it rain then I can make it monsoon
I buy a bitch out her contract, dumb stacks
Suckers sleepin on me Zantax, I'm deadly
I'm talkin Anthrax, the other side of the tracks
You know the Amtrak; multi-millionaire still rockin amulets
I was turnt up to the mess but now I'm past that
But now I'm past that
I move stealth, I'm gettin jealous of myself
Me and Wyclef and the swagger's SoSoDef
Smoke pounds of that 'dro 'dro from out West
And I ain't made at no one cause I'm oh so blessed
It's Gucci


[Gucci Mane]
Tired of all these late nights, smoked out shit
Ain't no mo' leavin the club three or fo' bad chicks
I ain't goin to the lot, coppin no mo' whips
I ain't drinkin, all the pills, I'm all done, I quit
PSYYYYYYCH! I'm poppin wheelies with a dime on the bike
My baby right, she whispered in my ear tonight is the night
I'm higher than a kite, bright ice, in need of a light
Pilot lighter light it homey as I lean to my stripe
Ye ain't freshest out here, ye ain't ballin like me
Baby talk can't comprehend, talkin foreign to more
Purple label, Polo, Revlon on me
I'm the big homey, you a big phony (well damn!)
Makin movies in the V.I.P. I need a Tony
Gucci Mane Tarantino with the tenderonis
Pour 80 bottles in her face, now she dancin on me
She know she dancin with a star them diamonds dancin on me
It's Gucci


It's Gucci

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