Lyrics: Go Head

Artist: Gucci Mane
Album: Trap House
Song: Go Head
Released: 2005
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Go Head lyrics
Go Head, Go Head
Go Head, Go Head
Go Head, Go Head
Go Head, Babygirl Go Head
Go Head, Go Head
Go Head, Go Head
Go Head, Go Head
Go Head

[Chorus x2]
Shawtii gotta ass on ha (on ha)
Imma put my hands on ha (on ha)
Imma spend a couple grand on ha (on ha)
Imma pop a rubberband on ha (on ha)

[Verse 1 - GUCCI MANE]
Im tryna figure which chick imma see today (see today).
Picked up a young gurl, looked like Lisa Ray (Lisa Ray).
When I seen ha in da club said I gots to get ha (gots to get ha),
cuz she look like she might be Trina sista (Trina sista).
Gotta gurl look just like Lauren Hill (Lauren Hill),
took ha to da crib cuz she kno' wut it is (she kno' wut it is).
Imma bump ha but I cant stand ha daddy do' (daddy do')
but she got mo' ass than Jackie O' (Jackie O').
Gotta brown skin gurl like Foxy Brown (Foxy Brown).
Bought a quarter pound just to blow it down (blow it down).
Tattoos all ova' like Eva or sumthin' (Eve or sumthin').
Long hair but it must be weave or sumthin' (weave or sumthing').
Gotta spot so I bought ha new furniture (furniture),
cuz she pretty in da face like Monica (Monica).
I really dig da gurl so I gave a ticket to Gucci World (Gucci World).


[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2 - Mac Bre-Z]
Im in da club niggas screamin' who da hill is dat (who da hell is dat).
Dat gurl wit' dat ass all on da back.
I got dat fire read thong wit' bra to match (bra to match).
Imma real boss bitch and im hard to catch.
Mac Bre-Z, pimpin aint E-Z nigga (it aint easy),
you can leave me cuz I don't really need ya nigga (I don't need ya).
I got dat chevy and ya hear me fo'
ya see me nigga cuz my mama sho' da Mack how to treat a nigga.
And imma Top Notch Bitch dat talk shit but I take none (I take none).
Hair stay fixed
Jump fresh wit my nails done (my nails done),
my braclet. My nigga sick so you already kno',
when I step up in da club,
I be rockin' stilettos hoe (stilettos hoe).
Imma jazzy gurl, straight classy gurl (straight classy girl).
And ya never head a nigga say im nasty gurl (I aint nasty gurl).
And ya never meet a gurl dat will shine like me (shine like me)
cuz im wit da Gucci Mane, im SO ICEY.


[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3 - GUCCI MANE]
Dem niggas jealous say you aint got time fo' dat (time fo' dat).
All dat shake can a nigga get some fries wit dat
(fries wit dat). Too much ass, I aint gotta press a high to dat (high to dat).
Hair blonde fo' a minute til'
she dyed it black. In da club wit ha gurls, everybody pretty.
Said she used to dance at Magic City (Magic City).
Go Gurl (Go Gurl)
To da flo' gurl (To da flo' gurl)
Shake it real slow like a pro gurl (Pro gurl)
Hit da dro gurl cuz its yo world (yo world)
Dance one time den get some mo' gurl (mo' gurl)
Gucci in the club two rubberband bites,
smokin' bubbagush and da shit just stank (stank).
Six gurls dancin' at da same time (same time),
never seen a hood hoe so damn fine (so fine).
Turn around babygurl, damn ya cute.
I aint tryna come at you like a prostitute.


[Chorus x2]

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