Lyrics: Dats My Life

Artist: Gucci Mane
Album: Mr. Zone 6
Song: Dats My Life
Released: 2010
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Dats My Life lyrics
[Verse 1]
They overdosing on my swag, put the whole goddamn hood in rehab
Too many ruffles in my duffle, can't close this bag it's so much cash
I need ten hands now to count my stash
LL Cool Gucci Mane I'm bad
Never need a mask, better check my stash you must be hallu-ci-na-tin'
First day out girl ain't you glad, six supermodels crashing at my pad
I should be a model drinkin' outta gold bottle with some true religions jeans saggin'
off my ass
Please don't crash, am I goin' too fast, touchdown anywhere I don't need no pass
Might need some gum 'cause I'm fixin' to talk trash 'cause I keep 'em on task like a kid in class
Hater can't hit what a hater can't see
I told you forty haters sure can't see me
Wouldn't know what hit if I hit 'em in the head with a four by four standin' six foot three
Ready for my bitch crocodile the sheet
Never met a girl ain't fuck first week
You never met a G throw a $10,000 white mink on the floor live on B.E.T.

Only got one life I can live
There's only so much game I can give
So you can watch the show chillin' at your crib
And please turn the music up so I can jam
But I be smokin' 'dro
I'ma fuck some hoes
I'm about a day wake up and then go buy some more
They tell a grown man what to do with his
Is your prerogative I'ma mind my biz
But I'ma live a life
Forever rockin' ice
Throwin' money, poppin' bottles because that's just what I like
But I'ma live a life
Forever rockin' ice
Throwin' money poppin' bottles because that's just what I like
That's just what I like

[Verse 2]
Screamin' I'mma Be like The Black Eyed Peas
I wanna be free and you wanna be me
Best be ease if you really want breeze I'll fly you by the trees lookin' like swiss cheese
Just came home ain't thinkin' bout sleep
Bet yo favorite rapper ain't slept in weeks
Thinkin' bout me like a down street noise over soon as the leather feet touch concrete
When I'm south-beach blowin' on tree
Whippin' down the street like I'm ridin' on D's
A new Ferrari flyin' down B street girl like roll your window down Gucci Mane please May 12, 2010 I'm free
Caught up in the booth like 1017
Before I'm through fire jumpin' out the roof but we don't need water please bring more weed
Gucci Mane win now they want to switch teams
Can't entertain that by no means
Wan to get on nigga chase your dreams
Stop chasin' me down like a dope fiend
Startin' off my day with a M-16
Shit ain't been the same since I turned sixteen
Whole life changed after so icy first album on the charts came out same week Gucci


[Verse 3]
My auntie had a stroke and she still can't speak
Wrote me every week real talk that's deep
Ex cell mate got a thirty-five piece
Won't be released 'till 2033
On the same birthday my boy turned 3
And lookin' at him is like I'm lookin' at me
Can't look back watch the moves I make for the moves that I make fuck around and make me Gucci


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