Lyrics: Ballaholic

Artist: E-40
Song: Ballaholic
Released: 2000
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Ballaholic lyrics
You know my, my whole defanation is to spit straight game
You dig that? I come from the game baby, y'know
I come from this motherfucker, you undersmell that?
Aya, and you know, it's like this nigga
Pimped-out all day you know Hillside Vallejo nigga
You undersmell me? Been speakin' the real for many moons
My niggaz in the 7 0 7 on down to Compton

I'm in my Fubu drawers, she in her gown
'Cause if some cats tryin' to have at me
I sick the canine in the background
I'm plannin' on splittin' my crown but it ain't gon' be too simple

See I'm a baller, I got bars around the window
Rottweilers, pits, aikietas, doberman pischers tanked up in the yard
With a sign on the fence that reads, "Warning: Beware Of Dog"
You play the frog if you feel froggish nigga leap

I neglect my dogs, starvin', sometimes they don't eat
Elroy speak to me about my triple-beam, officer, I got proof
Po'-po', that's for weighin' nuts and fruits
Run wit' a whole bunch of rugged rowdy-ass knuckleheads

Big nigga, the size of a football team
I wear these glasses so that I can look like a square
But if you ever see me in a fight with a bear
Don't help me nigga, help the bear

Me and my wales, we be coonin'
But see you the type of the nigga
That'll go in the backroom
And beep yo'self and act like yo' pager boomin'

Yeah man, 'cause a real tycoon
Gon' take this shit from the flo' to the moon
Still Northstar ridin', six-oh strikin'
Switch up V-S cherry chokin' the wrist and the pinkie

But keep it loose around the neck and make sure hoes in check
So if you gon' fill a nigga cup, fill it up with paper
'Cause we ballaholics bitch, ain't that quiet about this shit
If you're on it spend it like you mean it

Uhh, I'll have you
Ever since I was ankle low to a centipede's claw
I always wanted to play pro-baseball
Weepolization family, that's my favorite sport

But instead I'm back and forth to jail and in and out of court
Bitch, serious about my rock shrine
I don't give a fuck, how much courage juice you had
Nigga yo' mug don't mean like mine

I bring the noise like a cymbal
I fuck with 40 dem, make you stick your pistol out the window
Bitch, y'all oughta see me at the state fair
Showin' off in front of my broad, tryin' to win my lil' nieces

One of the biggest stuffed animal prizes there
Nicknamed Charlie but my street name is Earl
Ballaholic like Felix Mitchell nephew Lil' Darrell
I know these streets like the Task Force know dope

I am the streets, my ghetto pass can't be revoked
Ten percent, I paid my tithes, forgive me for my sins
Smoke an ounce of weed a day
Maybe that's why I ain't go no ends

You see, you niggaz real truant mayne
Runnin' around here puttin' a black eye in the game
When we tryin' to feed y'all somethin' nutritional for the brain
And nourish yo' game

You see there's two type of niggaz in this world
Those that eat and those that don't
What type of nigga is you, you know? You see we got the tycoon status
Big hogs, tryin to pile the money up out your trash, you dig?

You can call me, Lawry's 'cause I'm seasoned
I eat crevice, but not when it's bleeding
Don't get me wrong, I love sex but I don't play that part
I love Virginia, but not when the Virginia's tart

Toss me good, and I might Dolce and Gabbana it
Gave yo' ass some bread, and let you go buy up some shit
Callin' yourself takin' advantage of my riches
I'm tryin' to be nice to yo' ass, I normally talk bad about you bitches

Invested to "Tha Hall of Game" buggin' and bein' notorious
For slappin' chickenheads upside they weave-a with my Nokia
Mayday mayday, callin' all patrol cars and units
Be on the lookout for the Hillside managler, 40-Water the Ballaholic

I'd rather fly than ride Amtrak
When I'm in Dallas I fuck with [Incomprehensible], and go hard black
Make an opera singer wanna write some raps
Papered up, like who? Like a fax, bitch

I know you didn't say papered up like a fats
Yeah, 'cause we do this shit
Up off the ground on a pitcher's mound
Slidin', to the bad catcher, able to snatch ya

Bat yo' G out the pocket
Run it again with a nigga that's in the socket
And it ain't my problem, if the hoe hollerin'
We all about dollars and collar-poppin'

Nigga, bitch, baller, let me explain to you, a ballaholic nigga
Undersmell this nigga
If you got your vehicle in your baby's momma's name
Nigga youse a ballaholic, nigga you undersmell me?

Please believe in a nigga
Ballaholic nigga, you undersmell me?
If you sittin' on gold tennis shoe slippers nigga
You undersmell me? You'se a ballaholic

Don't ever get it twisted nigga, yeah
If you put ten thousand down on some jewels nigga
Over at your house nigga in Frisco nigga
And go back and get it the next day, youse a ballaholic

You smell that nigga? Ballaholics nigga
Ballaholics fuck with Sic-Wid-It records nigga
Ballaholics listen to that mob shit nigga
We stick to the rules and regulations of this motherfuckin' game

You undersmell that? Please believe it, bitch-ass niggaz
If youse a ballaholic, nigga, scream it like you mean it
Youse a baller, please believe that, that's what a ballaholic is nigga
We ball 'til we have it all you undersmell that?

Rick Rock, youse a ballaholic?
My nigga, my nigga D-Wiz a ballaholic
Don't ever get it twitted nigga
My nigga Kaveo in the motherfucker with me you undersmell that?

We some fools with it
My nigga Steve Garvey, [Incomprehensible], you undersmell that?
And that nigga Muggsy you know he's a fuckin' ballaholic
Gold-tooth motherfuckin' pretty boy Floyd ass nigga

I love you to death motherfucker, fuck ya though
Fuck ya, fuck ya, fuck ya, I'm in this motherfucker for life
V A L L H O, L I C, it's me E Feeze E
L I C, it's me E Feeze E
Ballaholic bitch

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