Lyrics: Hold You Down

Artist: DJ Khaled
Song: Hold You Down
Released: 2015
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Hold You Down lyrics
[Intro - Chris Brown:]
I'll hold you down
I'm on my way

[Verse 1 - Jeremih (August Alsina):]
All you've been thinking about
Do anything you want and let emotion rule your mind
And now you say you dream about doing it anyway
Oh yeah, just tell me where it's on your mind (on your mind)
Sit in my whip and see the stars (and see the stars)
Show me just who you are (show me just who you are)
You know I really hold you down (hold you down)
And when you not around (when you not around)

[Hook - August Alsina (Jeremih):]
I'll hold you down
(I'm the one gon' hold you down)
(I'm the one gon' hold you down)
I'm on my way
(I'm the one be rolling up in that Bentley truck)
(Cause I'm on the up)
Want you here right now
(You the one that got all I need)
(Give me all of you or all of me back)
I'm on my way
(I'm the one that's gon' hold you down)
(I'm the one gon' hold you down)

[Verse 2 - Chris Brown:]
I had some problems back home (so I heated up)
I ain't with that bullshit at all (then I laid it down)
Maybe it's that Virginia in me (nigga say something)
Have a young nigga go so hard
Through it all you stuck with me
Through it all you never ducked off like a coward when he hit me
Get me? Girl, I swear to God you the real one and you know it
And I don't hurt anyone of ya'll for the real one and you know it
And I hold it down
Started from the bed, ended up the on the floor
And now let that ass up off the ground
I'mma put you on my shoulders, let me give you what's in store
Girl, you deserve it, all the time you been servin'
Away from the realest nigga in it, I'mma take you away
And I hold you down, (I'mma hold you down) I'mma hold you down baby


[Verse 3 - Future:]
I'm the one gone hold you down
Put you in that Ghost so you enjoy the town
Even when the roads is down
You mesmerized by the flying sky
We gotta socialize and cherished times
This shit is deeper than love
I pull up in that Lamborghini, the doors in the sky
Shit is straight up suicide
You in that new Bentley truck
New, new Bentley truck
Oh, oh, oh, ooh
We've been playing in that Versace
We go to Abu Dhabi for a hobby
Your body my new Bugatti


[Verse 4 - August Alsina (DJ Khaled):]
Live an expensive life and I'm just getting started
I get instant hype cause you forever my lady
Forever my baby (real life)
Hold you down, hold you down
Girl, you helped me up when I was down
In and out, girl
Hold you down like I'm supposed to
Real nigga, I know you, real nigga, I know you


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