Lyrics: Less Human

Artist: Debaser
Song: Less Human
Released: 2000
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Less Human lyrics
(Marcus, Pay attention. Pay attention, look at me, look at me when I’m talking to you.)

(Yo yo yo)

Little marcus, you know you can do better than that
Be an artist but start paying attention in class
But ever since the dark went down my spine
It stuck into the carpet I’ve been hardly ahead of the last

But thank god that this little kid,
Was never prescribed to take bottles of Ritalin
It would have been apparent making a bad move,
Instead of seeing the classroom as not enough stimulant.

This brain’s a bit bigger, a sick picture
Spill food on the hands and lick fingers
When I needed to feed it I educated it
When it feeded for treatment I medicated it and made it cleaner

School’s boring
I didn’t feel like it did anything for me
So I didn’t like it
I didn’t do poorly,
I just would of done a lot better if I could’ve drawn for every assignment

I turned my art, into a bad habit
Searched through my arm of true black magic
Made a name out of graph and proceded to tag it
On paper, then graduated to fat cat tips.

From that point on,
Me and the rest of this world had begun
Our Lovely divorce. From the walls that I bombed
I thought I was hip hop but graffiti was only my introductory course.

I never really knew what it was to feel free
I never really knew what it was to build things
I never had the taste of the animal that chased
After capital immortalities more appealing

I grew to like the ink in my blood.
I knew that life shouldn’t be what it was
I’m separated from sheep
So the presence of me
Goes from peasant to king
When I speak over drums

Born as a man (born as a man)
I never really objected till I was torn from the plan. (torn from the plan)
I didn’t know what I invested would transform what I am. (transform what I am)
From abnormal to majestic, now I’m more than a man (more than a man)

Reverse contact to the Earths gone back
Through a still night, I’m a kill mics.
The ill tight that was built with the right
Components to steal,

Light from the painted picture
That I came from
But I aint done anxiously

Turn everyday citizens
From a unice to a head that will go the lengths for me
Where humble beginnings turn
To amplify floodings

Being born with a gift
Is only a myth
Cause real MC’s study
And I took that intransit didn’t look instant-ly
for the skill to be there
I broke down the steps that I had to progress through
The first one’s learn to breathe air.

Then it started falling in place
Formed with a crew, when I threw what I knew
In a smooth flow that lags a little—late
And I started to separate,
Never effort wasted, edification
This is the debasement
This is Where I patiently awaited my transformation

Chorus x2
Thanks to adsterman123 for these lyrics!

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