Lyrics: Marvin's Room (Remix)

Artist: Chris Brown
Song: Marvin's Room (Remix)
Released: 2011
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Marvin's Room (Remix) lyrics
[Verse 1 - Chris Brown]
He's saying he's your best friend
And he's always the one in your ear
I know that he been waiting
To get my ass up out of here
It's been a couple months now
Baby I am not suprised
But I'm a real nigga
Girl, how you gon take his side

I bet if I lick that spot then you won't act like that
I miss giving you them backshots, girl you remember that
Baby and I'd be damned if I let him take my place
Don't listen to what that nigga say
Cus' he's just saying you could do better
And baby all I'm saying is he sound like a hater
And baby he could just fuck off and do us a favor
Mind your business, nigga stop being a hater

[Bridge - Seven]
Here we go, why these niggas keep hating for
Guess that's just the way it goes
Uh oh, that's the way it goes, Uh oh, Uh oh
Uh oh, that's the way it goes

[Verse 2 - Chris Brown]
Baby what the hell are you thinking
By the way you screamin' at me thinkin' you've been drinking
I know that nigga's on your line
But he can't get what's mine, yeah
Baby you need to show me what the hell I did wrong
I need you to hold me, right here in your arms
I'm kissing your heart and all your little body parts
Baby, baby


[Verse 3 - Kevin McCall]
K Mac
See it's a reason why she still with me
And she ain't with you
She see the real in me, and the bitch in you
Yeah, she friends with you, but she sexing me
When she be textin you, she be next to me
Showin me how weak you is, it's embarrassing
I'm a real nigga so I guess you are a mannequin
Bad on the phone but in person you be panicking
I ain't even stressed, got a bag full of cannabis
I ain't with the bull so this ain't beef
You a weenie I bet you be lying on your meat
If real recognize real, who the fuck is you
She need a principal, not a substitute

[Kevin McCall & Chris Brown]
He's just saying you could do better (no, he can't)
Girl stop playing he could never
Be the one you need cus you're the one for me girl
I know how to please you right
He's just saying you could do better
Girl stop playing you know he could never
Be the one you need cus you're the one for me, yeah
But I'm a real nigga

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