Lyrics: 7pm Ustream Freestyle

Album: N/A
Song: 7pm Ustream Freestyle
Released: 0000
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7pm Ustream Freestyle lyrics
Well damn, hold up major pain baby
Glad to see everybody so concerned
About my well bein haha
So I tell you what since I'm the man of the hour
Money fame and power I'm goin live 7pm central time tonight
Let's get it

Last night I had a dream
That everybody in the world was talkin bout my cream
And the whole damn industry was callin up my team
Askin what is this nonsense they talkin bout hakeem
From the east coast to the west coast and everywhere in between
Gossip spreads fast so the bless it as it seems
They all up on the side commentating like karim
I need to pull my boxers down n' tell em where to swing
Breakin my own rules with intimate interviews
I thought I born was to lose why everybody so glued
I ain't a big deal then maybe we both confused
Then why the heck I just got a call from fox news
Who told you that I'm living in my car is that true
Tell jepeddo I said hello hello is that you
Pinoochio, welcome to tokyo cause it seems
By looking at the seems of my japanese denim jeans
That everything ya seen ain't everything that it seems
And everything I mean ain't everything I mean
Man I'm so clean still cleaner than ever
Don't believe the hype, don't sleep with the devil
Since everybody lookin for me like osama
Ya'll gonna have ta see me the whole summer
Usually I'm doin my thang with no drama
On the underground mixtape scene with no drummer
But now ya'll losers done woke up the monster
Hopped out the bentley and jumped in the tonka
Lookin for a target then I'm bout to conquer
Blastin like contra man I'm so awful
Partnas went ta jail and that's two this month
Spent 10 thousand on my mail before I get brunch
Spent anotha 3 thou before I get lunch
Perez hilton still talkin didn't you get punched
Huh, fall back, curl up, fetus
Learn ya lesson ya butthead, beavis
Perez hilton just said that I'm on his e-list
Jesus why these losers all on the dizzick
Uh, let me pause just for the cause
Check my dirty laundry my dick n' balls is in my draws
So if ya spend time talking about my cash
I just need you to take out my dirty laundry with class
You can mention my name but don't mention my name in vein
Promise you when I'm done you won't mention my name the same
Money, power and fame is somethin you ain't obtain
Spending a quarter million is somethin you can't explain
So don't, let's just try to leave that up till the buisness guy
And we shoud gon and get straight to the buisness why
Cause it seems that your only clarification
Dey ain't listening to my side, declare it as hatin
Choice made me a sinner, fate made me a winner
The convo is bout some scrilla right now that I'm in a sinna
Life is like a aliest maybe you'll see what's realer
If I say the mike who made me bigger shout out to killer
It's like my life is always bein up the totem pole
My nuts large I'm bout to make sure my scrotum show
Ask I never told em no it ain't nothin to hide
Specially when the life that your livin isn't a lie
Trust me it I'd be a lie if I said I wasn't living fly
The expense of cleaning my fish tanks be gettin high
So iiiiii, just tryna save me some dough
But the real reason why I really think you should know
Yea I think I'm the greatest, yea I'v bein on hiatus
I don't think I'm the greatest but greater than all my haters
The question is who stay kill shii like it's cancer
The answer is I'm killing it cause I can sir
No dancer, autotune or romancer
Would stay crawling on fo fo's tarantula
Gotta get the postage lick it to make it damper
My fam gettin mail but who you think was the stamper
Wanna hear me speak, wait a minute first
I'm at the lakers game screaming loud like I'm in church
Ya'll know that tmz the bottom feeders of the earth
Before you take they word you should find out what it's worth
Look at the way they did you know who inside the media
When I had knew more of the story that they was feeding us
Reading what I was reading just feelin like they was cheatin us
Never at a loss for words, encyclopedia
Get on your job tell em go head type
Picture it as a blessing my pockets is gettin hyped
If you gon tell the story make sure that you tell it right
Like his light bill is more than his haters make in they life
And that's right, now in the present
Wrapped up the brand new crib like a present
I bein taking care of grown folks since I was 7
I was in that passenger seat by 11
Can't buy that type of promotion an that's all I know
I'm on page 2 on the subway in toronto
They tried to tell me that my career is john do
But I'm feeling as jonh do as rondo
A champion, yup that's what I mean
An every sunday when ya see me I be close to the green
But I won't have no big babies hanging all on my team
But I got jesus, cause my shutter worths some cream (yknahmean)
Ya'll talk like ya done this and done this
Ya pundits is condensed with dumbness
Real recognise reall ya'll feeling the numbness
My one wish is ya forget ya compass
And get lost the album venom is past due
And ya'll can get off my nuts, cashew
I bring closer the foreclosure cause that true
The only they didn't mention is why I had to
I pretty much exchanged that for 2 lives
And how I'm bout to explain that is to live
So please don't have a cow get ya tubes tied
And tune in I'll be ustreaming tonigght
Thanks to Wolf for these lyrics!

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